Monday, January 30, 2012

Earring Challenge Day 30

Hi Everyone. My name is Kelly and I'm addicted to Clothes...So today Sammy and I did a little shopping and I came home with a lot of stuff. The whole point of going out today was we were going to do a little thrift store shopping and we were going to Old Navy. Well lets just say that I racked up and spent less than $100.00! I was one happy girl!  Old Navy was starting to put out there short sleeve clothes and it was time to redeem Old Navy Cash.

This is one of my favorite purchases for the day! This is going to be a great spring dress!

All of the above was from Old Navy. All below is my thrift store finds. Below I got 3 Lane Bryant Button up shirts, a Lane Bryant Sweater, a long sleeved Old Navy Shirt and a brown Old Navy Jacket. I got it all for $29.00!!!!!

Once home it was time to go to work. Here is a shot of what my work table looks like today. We got these great new flowers in at the shop and I am busy trying to get some samples made to show people what they can make.

I think young girls are going to have a fit for these big flower rings!

Here is the start of a necklace I'm working on.

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