Sunday, October 20, 2013

More projects are rolling in and you guys are doing an amazing job!

Caron Bailey,  Austin TX
Czech 4mm bicone crystals-Lt Amethyst; Tila beads-I don't remember the color name and purple iris 11/0 seed beads

11-Opaque Butterscotch Luster
15- Metallic Golden Olive Luster
Tila- Cream Ceylon
4mm Indian Pink Bicones

Diane Clark
Placerville, CA
On the St Pete's I used Ant. Bronze M/MA/R tila's, Delica's Golden M/L/R, and 15/0 ar SL RB Lt Gold.
the tila colors are TL2035 Ant. Bronze M/MA/R, and number 316 Lt Amethyst Gold.  11/0 seed beads are silver lined crystal, 15/0 seed beads are Amethyst SL/R. 

Jan Crosthwaite
Wallasey UK
used 11/0 & 15/0 seedbeads in silver lined gold and silver lined crystal for the band and red lined topaz 4mm magatama drops for the embelishment.

Josephine Lareza 
Milan, Italy

Peanut beads - Metallic olive
Peanut beads - Matte olive
3 mm drop beads - Matte metallic khaki iris
3 mm bicones - emerald
15/0 seed beads - Matte metallic khaki iris
lobster claw clasp
6 mm Fireline thread

6 mm Lentil drop beads - Coated Marea peacock/gold 
11/0 Miyuki Delica beads - Metallic earth batik gold iris
15/0 Seed beads - Matte metallic khaki iris
1.5 mm cube beads - Opaque-frosted terra cotta (can be seen slightly under the lentil drops.

Tila beads 5 x 5 mm - Dark bronze
4 mm bicones - Crystal AB 2X
11/0 seed beads  Metallic light bronze
15/0 seed beads Metallic dark bronze
Gold colored chain with approx diameter of 9 mm
Gold colored magnetic round clasp

Pat Jones
Black tila beads, size 11 bronze seed beads, size 15 silver-lined yellow seed beads, and 4mm  gold bicones

Ring: Drop beads: Gunmetal mix
            Cubes: Metallic amethyst gunmetal
            Delicas: Metallic Eggplant

Necklace: Berry: Noir-lined crystal
                       Drop: Gunmetal mix
                       Bicone: ?

Bracelet: Berry: Transparent Light Steel Luster Rainbow
                    Drop: Opaque Turquoise Blue
                     Becone: Same as above, don't remember the color.

I have also included an additional project from the Shaped Bead book: Perennial Path Bracelet.
Seed beads: Toho Marbled Turquoise/Ceylon Grey
Berry: Transparent Amethyst Luster

 I used purple iris 3mm drops, peanut bead A- opaq black AB, peanut bead B-Matt opaq black AB, 3mm bicone- Thunder Polish purple light, and finally for my #15 seeds I used metallic opaq eggplant iris. Had a great time beading with you all, God Bless, Debbie 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm sorry I got behind on posting pics of the bead along but we moved the shop last week to a new location so I spent the week moving. Hopefully I can stay on top of things for the remainder of the bead along. Everyone who has sent pics so far has done an amazing job! I am loving the colors everyone picked out!

For the Marvelous Mosaics earrings I used:
Tila - Metallic golden rainbow
Delicas - silver lined gold
15/0 opaque black.

For the St Pete meets tila bracelet I used:
Tila - metallic golden rainbow
4 mm bicone - jet
15/0 metallic raspberry
11/0 amethyst lined pink

Jan Crosthwaite - Wallasey Uk 
For the earrings I used tila beads in metalic dark blue iris with 11/0 & 15/0 in purple lined purple. I added an additional componant as I like more of a dangle. I also made my own earring findings.
For the bracelet I used the same tilas as the earrings with size 11/0 & 15/0 silver lined crystal & jet black bicones.

Helen Verhey From Cleveland Queensland Australia .
Project 1
Matte Black Tila Beads -  inside .
Galvanized Grey Lustre Tila Beads  - outside 
Silverlined Crystal Delica 10/0
Medium Blue Iris  15/0 .

Project 2 .
Matte Black Tila's 
Opal 4 mm Bicones .
Amethyst Gold lustre 11/0 
Lined Aqua AB 15/0 
Square Antique Toggle Clasp 

 Messinger, Holden, MA

Josephine Lareza
Milan, Italy

Cylinder beads 10/0 Violet/Green or Miyuki Delica DBM 869
Tila beads Matte Metallic Dark Raspery Iris and Opaque Antique Rose Luster
Seed beads 15/0 Matte Metallic Khaki Iris

Robin Peterson
his bracelet I used Sea Foam Tila's with silver lined Emerald 11/0 Toho, and 4mm Jet Swarovski bicones. 

Gale Lynch from Illinois.

I used Opaque and Black Tila beads
11 Silver Lined Crystal Clear AB Rounds
15 Metallic Dark Silver Seed Beads   

Kathy - SC
I used Miyuki Green translucent tilas and Garnet translucent tilas for the earrings and Delicas Paladium plated for the cylinders and Gold luster cranberry for the 15's.
I also used the Myuki Green translucent tilas and Garnet translucent tilas for the bracelet with Swarovsky 4mm bicones in crystal copper. I used SL Rosaline  #11seed beads  and Miyuki Fancy Garnet #15's.

Pat Jones

All in browns and ear wires yet.
 Maybe could have added more color but was intended for Fall!

Opaque black Tila beads-outside
Matte clear Tila beads-inside
Mettalic blue iris size 10 twisted cylinder beads
Clear ab 15 seed beads

Mary Van Spankeren
Tila Beads:  Matte Met Khaki Iris
                    Matte OP Red AB
11/0 :  Dk Red AB
15/0 Galv. Yellow Gold

Karen - New Zealand 
My Ring-a-Ling Ring is made with:
* 4x6mm Preciosa drops in Black
* 11/0 Delica seed beads in Medium Blue Iris
* 15/0 Frosted Metallic Iris Purple seed beads

My St Pete Meets Tila Bracelet is made with:
* Metallic Green Iris Tila Beads
* 4mm Swarovski Crystal AB Bicones
* 15/0 Frosted Metallic Iris Purple seed beads
and sterling silver parrot clasp & extension chain :)
My Marvellous Mosaics Earrings are made with:
* Matte Metallic Copper Tila Beads
* 11/0 Metallic Blue Iris
* 15/0 Frosted Metallic Iris Purple
and attached to the earring hooks with a handmade oversized bail :)