Friday, March 29, 2013

First Pictures from Bead Along

Well the first pictures from the Bead Along are starting to roll in.  Marcella from Forest City NC sent me in these first two project pictures. Marcella used a pearl in place of the seed bead on her first project and I think it turned out great.  Good Job Marcella!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bead Along Questions

Yea I'm so excited! 34 people have already signed up for the beadalong!  I have had a few people ask some questions so here are the answers:

1. The book is back ordered or doesn't come into the UK until April. Can I still participate?
YES!  When your book arrives simply jump in. You don't have to catch up if you don't want to. Just jump in to the current project.

2. Do we have to use the same exact colors as in the book?
NO...and honestly I would rather you not. The whole point of the bead along is to learn a new technique and see what other color combos people do. It would be super boring if we all did the same thing.

3. Can we see the projects before we commit to the beadalong?
SURE! If the book is in stock where you live simply head to your local book store and have a look at the book. I can't post pictures or patterns because of copy right issues but if you can get a hold of a book then you have your answer. Sometimes amazon will give you a sneak peek into the book also.

I got so tickled because someone posted that I had found another way to make money off of them and was acting kind of testy about it. I think it's hilarious because I'm just promoting a great book and trying to find a way for beaders all over the world to bead the same project at the same time. I don't make any money off anyone unless you buy the book or supplies from me. I don't get a kickback in anyway from the publisher or designer. I simply just enjoy doing the beadalongs. You don't have to buy anything from me unless you want to support my business. For those who do buy from me please know how much Sammy and myself appreciate it. 

I look forward to seeing every one's first project. Some people's books haven't arrived yet and wanted to know materials for the first project.  So here goes:
1 (6mm) round pearl
1 (4mm) round pearl
4 Grams size 6 Seed Bead
12 Grams size 11 Seed Beads

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Bead Along

Well after a wonderful Holiday break I think it's high time for a new Bead Along. Last year we did a bead along with Sabine's book Beaded Fantasies and it was a lot of fun. It was so great getting to see every one's colors! 


What is a bead along?     A Bead Along is simply a group of beaders from all over the world working on a designated project all at one time. Everyone works on a project on their own time, with their own color choices for a 2 week period of time.

How does a bead along work?  First of all, buy the book "Metallic Seed Bead Splendor" by Nancy Zellers.  At the beginning of the Bead Along you will be given a list of projects to complete and the dates that each is to be completed. Once you have the first project done you email me a picture of the finished product along with a list of colors that you used. As pictures arrive I will post them here on the blog for all to see. *Something New this go round* I will be making a photo album on the facebook page of all the pictures people send in so that all of our beading friends can see who may not check the blog often.

Why participate in the Bead Along?  The whole reason for doing a bead along is to learn new techniques. Beading isn't any fun if you never learn anything new! Doing a bead along pushes you to try new techniques or projects that you may, at any other time, might not choose to do.

What if I don't finish a project before a due date or life gets in the way?  No worries. There is no cost to do the bead along and no penalty if you don't get a project finished on time. If you don't get one finished or you finish late just email me pictures when your done.

Important Notes from Kelly:
1. All pictures are to be emailed to me at You can email them to me at any time.

2. I CAN ONLY POST WHAT YOU SEND ME! If you don't send me your name or your color info I can't post it. I had someone get mad at me last time and tell me that I was prejudice because I didn't list her colors used. I had never met the person or even seen the person before. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE understand that if you don't send it to me I can't put the info on the blog.

3. This is supposed to be a fun bead along so don't stress and just have fun learning. I will not be doing video tutorials on the projects because of the design infringement but I tried to pick projects that looked fun and easy but at the same time challenging for some. I will however do videos for some of the basic stitches that need to be known for the projects and will post those to youtube.

Bead Along starts April 1st. Here is your list of projects and dates to be completed:

Page 34  Summer Lace Necklace         Due: April 15th
Page 44  Crystal Lattice Bracelet         Due: April 29th
Page 65  Jeweled Rings Necklace        Due: May 13th
Page 78  Oval Chain Link                    Due: May 27th
Page 82  Etruscan Earrings (JUST EARRINGS)   Due: June 10th
Page 29  Gold Lace Bracelet                Due: June 24th

If you want to participate please leave a comment and also tell us a little bit about yourself...your name, where your from, etc so that we can get to know that group.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Gotta love Pinterest

I love Pinterest and am totally addicted! It's amazing all the cool things you can find on there. It makes life so much easier sometimes. One of my largest Pinterest boards is my beading board. I pin patterns and pictures of Jewelry that I would like to make one day. As you know bubble necklaces are so big for the spring and summer this year. Late last year I pinned a bubble necklace that was factory made and decided that I wanted to try and recreate it one day. We got in some new color pearls last week so I decided to sit down and give the necklace a try. After 4 hours of mistrials I finally got the perfect fit and lay for the necklace. The first picture is of my original pin and the second picture is of the one I made. What do ya think?

I am currently on the look out for a cool piece of Emerald because this is going to be my next conquest to try and make!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

New Spring Earrings

I finally was able to get the spring earrings done that I had started last week. This week my goal was to get all my patterns written for March and get the vidoes for March finished. I had a very productive day Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I woke up sick. I was sick from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. I guess the morning sickness decided that it had not run it's coarse yet. Thursday I woke up feeling better so I went to work and got the earrings finished and then today I've been home all day working on videos. I finally feel like I've gotten a few things accomplished. This pregnancy feels like it is zapping the life out of me but I'm starting to be able to get a few things done. I would love to be the woman who loves being pregnant but so far that hasn't happened for me. Anyways below are some great new ideas for spring earrings. I made them out of the resin flowers so they are very light weight! Your your local bead store doesn't carry them our you don't have a store near you, we have them available on our esty page. Just go to to see our selection.