Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diamond Decadence Necklace from June 2013 Bead and Button

I sat down Saturday night and decided to tackle the Diamond Decadence Necklace from the June 2013 Bead and Button Magazine. I started the pattern exactly like the designer says to do. I used 3mm bugle beads and size 15 seed beads to make 79 RAW boxes. Once you have your bugle bead strip done then you are supposed to start laying in your cup chain and attaching more bugle beads so that the cup chain does not fall out. Well let me tell you...I was about to lose my mind doing the project the way the magazine says to do it. I had a horrible time getting the cup chain in the RAW sections and when I had a few in there the bead work was so tight that it wouldn't budge. Also, when I had about 15 cup chain sections anchored in my thread broke. Well you know me...when there way I fails I come up with my own. .

I started the project over. I started 2 boxes of RAW and laid them onto the cup chain. I anchored the two boxes and then made a new RAW box. I laid it over the next cup and then anchored that box. I basically did 2 steps in 1. Instead of making a strip of RAW first, I made it while I was connecting it in the cup chain. I found that it was much easier this way and the bead work wasn't as tight. I still got the same results as the designer did. I just didn't lose my mind while doing it. LOL.

I wanted a more casual necklace so I decided not to add the crystal drops. I really like the finished piece. I will say though that this is not a beginner project and if you decided to tackle it you will need to have a little stitching experience first. Its a pretty affordable project if you making one for yourself. I don't know if I would make a bunch of these up to sell but it would be great for formals and weddings. The cup chain is the most expensive component but you will need less than 2 foot so it's not too bad.  If you decide to tackle this project you can find it on page 62 of the June 2013 Bead and Button Magazine.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Last day for bracelet in bead along

Here are some of the latest pictures that I have received from the Bead Along. For those of you who are following along, don't forget that today is the last day for the bracelet and then it's on to the next project. You guys are doing fantastic!  I'm so proud of each and everyone of you who are participating in the bead along.

Catherine – Nottingham UK
I used 6lb Fireline with 11/0 and 8/0 silver-lined gold seed beads, 6mm rose Swarowski crystal bicones  and finished it with a gold-plated “screw-together” fastening. It is very “Bollywood” in real life.

J. Crosthwaite
 I used size 11 toho seed beads in silver lined siam, size 8 in silver lined gold and 6mm glass pearls in champagne. I tried my 1st attempt at peyote stitch to make the toggle clasp.

Dianne in Chicago
11.0 Taho Silver Galvanized Seed Beads
8.0 Silver Galvanized Seed beads
6 mm Emerald Bi Cones
4 mm Watermellon Colored Rondelles
8.0  Crystal Fireline

Sheri - South Bend, Indiana
Multi-faceted amethyst rounds with 11/o iris seed beads, along with 6/o purple lined glass seed beads

Janet Butler
I used Toho galvanized gold seed beads, size 8's and 11's.  Crystals size 6 Swarovski metallic blue satin.

Judy Nelson - Boston
 I used Black Toho 11/0 seed beads, Purple Toho 6/0 beads in place of 8/0 and 6 mm crystal AB Bicones.......love this pattern!   

Pasty Yoke
This was a fun project - loved the look of the necklace shorter so it shimmers against the neckline


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Awesome New Pictures!

Fiona - UK
11/0 duracoat galvanised gold seed beads
8/0 duracoat yellow gold seed beads
6mm swarovski bicones in fire opal.

Cheryl Intartaglio. Lake Wallenpaupack,Pa.
I used 11/0 toho silver lined crystal, 8/0 frosted AB crystal, and 6 mm crystal Bicone.
I used 11/0 toho hematite, 6/0 crystal vitrail, 4mm and 6mm grey pearls

 Linda McCoy of Chicago
 When I make this bracelet again, I will you 8 lb fireline

Jen-Wilmington, MA
This one was a fun one.
I used the following colors:
Jet bicone a
Black OP 11/0s
Lavender 8/0s

Hayley Hemmings - www.crafttomake.com
  • Toho frosted gold lined crystal size 11 seed beads
  • Toho turquoise lined size 8 seed beads
  • Turquoise 6mm and 4mm glass pearls
  • Nymo beading thread in ivory

Anglea Mesa
alvanized hot pink 11/0, 8/0 garnet AB, and mid siam AB thunder polish 

Cheryl Hall - Butler PA

Dawn Morris, Liberty, Mo.
Bracelet and Earrings Combined:
6 mm bicone crystals - Aqua
11/0 Round Seed Beads - Opaque Blue
8/0 Round Seed Beads - Metallic Cosmos

 Deanna Bello - Las Vegas Nevada
 I made this bracelet with crystals light amethyst AB and mauve colored seed beads

Lynda Manselle
Orange Cream 11/0 seed beads and potato pearl beads

Jan Crosthwaite

 I improvised and made the earrings a little longer replacing the ladder stitch with right angle weave. I used 11/0 seed bead mix and 4mm glass pearl from my ever expanding stash!! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last few days for first project in Bead Along

Here are some more pictures I received this week for the bead along. For those of you who are following along, you only have two more days before the first project is due...then it's on to the next project. For all of those who have sent your pictures so far, I am so proud of the work you guys have been doing. You picked up Daisy Chain great and make some beautiful pieces!

Cheryl Hill - Oak Creek, WI 
I sued 11/0 light purple seed beads, 4mm and 6 mm white pearls.

Pat Jones
Bracelet is bright pink size 11 seed beads,  size 8 blood red seed beads and black bicones.
Necklace is size 11 teal and size 6 silver/black seed beads with black glass pearls for the pendant

Dawn Morris - Liberty, Mo.
Necklace and Earrings Combined
6 mm Topaz Bicones
4 mm Topaz Bicones
Size 6/0 Rainbow Topaz Seed Beads
Size 11/0 Metallic Gold Seed Beads
KO Beading Thread - Gold
Earring Findings


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bead Along

Dianne in Chicago
10 mm teal metal seed beads about 15 grams
4mm  teal pearls 18
4mm teal crystal rondelles 18
1 6 mm teal pearl
1 4 mm teal pearl
5 4mm teal crystal rondelles
about 20 teal seeds
4 6 mm teal pearls
3 4 mm teal pearls
14 teal crystal rondelles

Judy Nelson - Boston, MA
I used Gold size 11 seed beads and turquoise colored stones for pendants and also turquoise pearl size 6 seed beads

*Judy I'm sorry but for some reason no matter what I tried your picture would never turn the right way. Please don't be upset. I'm not the greatest at computers.*

Rita Brooks -- Alabama
I used 11/0 metallic gold czechs and lt blue 4mm pearls

Fiona - UK 
I used galvanised silver delicas as I liked the shine on them, gilt lined opal size 6 seed beads and swarovski glass pearls in white.  

Debra Barrow -  Holland, Michigan

 I shortened the necklace and while I was waiting for a bead order to come in so I could move on the second project, I made a second necklace.  The first version I used gold seed beads and 4mm white pearls.  The second version I alternated 4mm and 6mm seed beads. 

Angela Mesa
i used sea foam 11/0 and white jade ab thunder polish crystals in place of the 6/0 seed beads.  I used a 6mm crystal a b for the earring as well. I didn't care for the pendant so I didn't attach it.

Sheri, South Bend Indiana
Materials: 3mm Powder Pink and Light Green Swarovski Pearls, 4mm Violet Opel Swarovski bicones, 11/o Silver Lined Transparent Gun Metal seed beads; 6lb smoke Fireline.
I used the 2-needle right angle weave instead of just the right angle weave. I like the consistency of the two-needle method. I chose not to use a focal bead.

Monday, April 8, 2013

More Bead Along Pictures

Here are some more pictures that arrived last week for the Bead Along. I am so proud of how great everyone is doing with the pieces. I think I have added all the pics so far. If you have emailed me your finished piece and do not see it below please email it to me again as it may have accidentally gotten deleted or caught up in my spam folder. 

April Jefferson:
Top Bracelet:
6mm - Bright Yellow
11's - White (for the flowers)
11's - Lime Green (for the stems)
Wire Protectors
Jump Rings
Regular Clasp

Bottom Bracelet:
6mm - White
11's - Lavender (light purple)
Wire Protectors
Magnetic Clasp

Lynnette Dower, Middletown, CT
I used nickel plated steel size 11/0s, ceylon light aqua size 8/0s, metallic dark nickel size 15/0s and a 18x12mm chalk turquoise stone.
I also used your crystal oval earrings tutorial to go around the stone. 

Patty Penich from PA
Here is my entry for the April 29 beadalong.  I used 11○ silver seed beads, 4mm half coat silver crystal bicones instead of the 8○ seed beads, and 6mm white glass pearls instead of the 6mm bicones. I modified the pattern a bit so the bicones would sit straight between the pearls.

Sharen Matye -  Northridge, CA
here is my bead along entry for apr 15. I used:
      Miyuki 8/0 galvanized silver seed beads
      6/0 turquoise seed beads
      8mm turquoise pearl
      4mm turquoise pearl

Linda- Chicago IL
I took the picture of the necklace on my dog Rudy's back.  (looks like rudy is on lucky little dog!)

~Jen from Wilmington, MA
I used the following colors:
Light blue pearls
Capri blue 6/0 seed beads
White 11/0 seed beads

Robin Ranallo
Powder Springs, GA
used faceted rounds instead of 
pearls and had to improvise on my pendant.

Patty Penich from PA.
 I used metallic gold 11○seed beads and 2mm  cream pearls instead of the pearl seed beads. 

Jackie Severance
I used: 6mm Pearl-  6mm  Silver Gray Pearl
             4mm Pearls-Silver Gray- 6/0 seed beads
            11/0 seed beads-11/0 Red seed beads