Monday, April 8, 2013

More Bead Along Pictures

Here are some more pictures that arrived last week for the Bead Along. I am so proud of how great everyone is doing with the pieces. I think I have added all the pics so far. If you have emailed me your finished piece and do not see it below please email it to me again as it may have accidentally gotten deleted or caught up in my spam folder. 

April Jefferson:
Top Bracelet:
6mm - Bright Yellow
11's - White (for the flowers)
11's - Lime Green (for the stems)
Wire Protectors
Jump Rings
Regular Clasp

Bottom Bracelet:
6mm - White
11's - Lavender (light purple)
Wire Protectors
Magnetic Clasp

Lynnette Dower, Middletown, CT
I used nickel plated steel size 11/0s, ceylon light aqua size 8/0s, metallic dark nickel size 15/0s and a 18x12mm chalk turquoise stone.
I also used your crystal oval earrings tutorial to go around the stone. 

Patty Penich from PA
Here is my entry for the April 29 beadalong.  I used 11○ silver seed beads, 4mm half coat silver crystal bicones instead of the 8○ seed beads, and 6mm white glass pearls instead of the 6mm bicones. I modified the pattern a bit so the bicones would sit straight between the pearls.

Sharen Matye -  Northridge, CA
here is my bead along entry for apr 15. I used:
      Miyuki 8/0 galvanized silver seed beads
      6/0 turquoise seed beads
      8mm turquoise pearl
      4mm turquoise pearl

Linda- Chicago IL
I took the picture of the necklace on my dog Rudy's back.  (looks like rudy is on lucky little dog!)

~Jen from Wilmington, MA
I used the following colors:
Light blue pearls
Capri blue 6/0 seed beads
White 11/0 seed beads

Robin Ranallo
Powder Springs, GA
used faceted rounds instead of 
pearls and had to improvise on my pendant.

Patty Penich from PA.
 I used metallic gold 11○seed beads and 2mm  cream pearls instead of the pearl seed beads. 

Jackie Severance
I used: 6mm Pearl-  6mm  Silver Gray Pearl
             4mm Pearls-Silver Gray- 6/0 seed beads
            11/0 seed beads-11/0 Red seed beads

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