Monday, July 22, 2013

Project Runway.....LOVE

My one great vice is this world is the show Project Runway. I love that show! I love to see all the great designs that the designers come up with. It gives me such inspiration to see all the color choices and blockings that they use. I finally got caught up today and watched the first episode. I was blown away by the winner of this weeks challenge. The contestants had to use a parachute to make a garment out of. Here is a picture of this weeks winning design:

The designers name is Bradon and his work is amazing! The dress flowed so pretty and the colors used were amazing!

One of my favorite designers this year is:

He is deaf and uses an interpreter. Cool part is...He's from NC! Gotta support the local folks! His design this week was the pink dress above. It was sssssooooo pretty. I would actually wear the dress! I love the pink and black together. If you get a chance you should catch a couple of episodes it would be worth your time. You will get some great color ideas!

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