Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Queenie Bracelets

Gina Soileau - Queenie Bracelet

Gina Soileau - La Fleur

Crystal AB chatons
3 mm dark saphire bicone's ( chinese crystal )
light blue silver lined size 15 seed beads
gold seed beads size 11
Magnetic Clasp

Janie Smith - Queenie Bracelet
14mm Peacock Rivoli
6/0 Bronze
3mm Bicone Jet ab2x
11/0 Galvanized Rose
11/0 Purple Delica
15/0 Galvanized Yellow Gold
Gold Toggle Clasp


Monday, August 20, 2012

New Recipe

To say that I love Pinterest is an understatement! I am addicted! I love to try some of the recipes that I pin. I went shopping this afternoon and Sammy decided to try one of the recipes.

I went ahead and took pics on my iPad screen to show you the recipe and the website. The blog that I found the pin from looks great so you need to check it out! The recipe turned out to be pretty good. It still needs a little something though. The filling may need a little less cheese and some sort of seasoning to add a little pizazz to the taste. We had a lot of filling left over so we put it in the fridge and are going to try making a grilled cheese sandwich with it later in the week. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I'm not too thrilled with the Vogue that I bought yesterday! You have to get to almost page 200 before you even see words on a page. The first 200 pages are nothing but advertisements. I'm not loving it so far but I'm just on page 200 so I still have awhile to go.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I can now get back to my life...

For the last month my life has revolved around cars. I am president of our towns Merchants Association and we have a huge car show every year in August. As president I am one of the main organizers of the event. I am one big stress ball the whole month and my poor husband has to endure it all! I always hate to see August roll around because I know that my business will suffer. I stay so busy with the show that it's hard to juggle both. The car show is how we raise money to put on the Christmas Parade and other events throughout the year so we work really hard to make the show great. But thankfully its all over and now I feel like I can get back to my life and my business.

Tonight I was in the Dollar General and seen the new In Style Magazine. It is huge with 652 pages. The colors are still bright, as they were this summer, but I was so surprised to see so many beads on clothing for the fall. Beads on shoes too! One of my favorites though was the Jewelry Inspiration Page. The colors are so pretty and gem tone. This page is great inspiration for beaders because we can figure out how to make our own pretties with beads. The jewelry on the page is made up of mostly gems but the right Swarovski can give you the same look! As a jewelry designer I always have my eyes open for inspiration and this magazine is a great one! If your feeling like you need some inspiration then this magazine is a must.

I also purchased the new Vogue magazine which has a whopping 916 pages. I'll let you know about it later in the week.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

La Fleur Bracelets and other projects

Kathleen Vayianos - La Fleur Bracelet
9 (10 was just too big!) dark sapphire blue chatons
3mm thunder polish dark sapphire bicones
size 11 duracoat galvanized silver miyuki beads
size 15 permanent sivler galvanized toho beads
6 lb fireline test

Karin Vervoort - La Fleur Bracelet
Chatons - 8mm caribbean blue opal
Crystal Bicones - 3mm caribbean blue opal
Size 11/0 - Bronze toho
Size 15/0- Bronze toho
Gold plated lobster clasp
2 x wire protectors
fireline 6lb test

Shayla Daniel - LaFleur Bracelet

10x8mm Aquamarine Flat Beads
80x3mm Milky Mint-Green Crystal Bicones.
2g size 11 Bronze Seed Beads
6g size 15 Bronze Seed Beads
1x 9ct gold Toggle Clasp.

Shayla Daniel - Queenie Bracelet

4g size 11 Silver Seed Beads
2g size 11 Silver Blue Delica Seed Beads
42 size 6 Opaque Blue Gray Seed Beads
56x4mm Swiss Blue Swarovski Crystal Bicones
7x 14mm Swiss Blue Rivolis
2x Sterling Silver Jump Rings
1x Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp

April Jeffereson - XXOXX Bracelet

4mm Dark Teal Glass beads
6mm Black Swarovsk Pearls
3mm Opaque White
4mm Clear AB Bicone
Clear Drops
8/0 Opaque White
11/0 Dark Teal
15/0 Black
Silver Magnetic Clasp
Silver Jump Rings.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tina Lee - XXOXX Bracelet
6 mm Metallic Hematite Glass Beads
4 mm Hematite Fire Polished
3 mm Silver Lined Teal Magatamas
3 mm Crystal Silver Night Bicones
8/0 Silver Lined Teal Seed Beads
11/0 Galvanized Silver Seed Beads
15/0 Galvanized Silver Seed Beads
15/0 Silver Lined Teal Seed Beads
Tina Lee - Grace Bracelet
6mm - Gray Glass Pearls
4 mm - Gray Glass Pearls
4 mm - Crystal Fire Polished
3 mm - Jet Glass Round Beads
3mm - Black Diamond Bicones
11/0 - Black Opaque Seed Beads
15/0 - Black Diamond AB Seed Beads

Jayne Bracknell - XXOXX Bracelet

6mm Pale Gold Glass Pearls
Size 15 Bronze Seed Beads
Size 11 Gold Seed Beads
4mm Copper Fire Polished Beads
Size 8 Bronze Seed Beads
3mm Brown Magatama beads for the edges
4mm Gold Magatama beads for the centres
4mm Red AB Bicones

Mary-Ann Swanger - XXOXX Bracelet

4mm firepolish blue/lilac round
3mm firepolish blue/lillac round
3mm firepolish light purple
8/0 silver lined emerald
11/0 light purple
15/0 Iris Purple
3mm green ab bicone

Celie Mayer - XXOXX Bracelet
copper crystal pearl
8/0 user's choice
other beads as listed in book


Recent Bead Along Pictures

Mary Mathis - Grace Bracelet

11  Miyuki silver lined teal 2425
15⁰ Miyuki dark bronze 9457
3mm light gold pearl
6mm light gold pearl
4mm round thunder polished copper 32
4mm round thunder polished purple light 40
3mm bicone thunder polished black 26A
Bronze magnetic clasp and split ring

Mary Mathis - XXOXX Bracelet

15 Miyuki 1897, opaque golden luster
11 Toho, 2101 opal silver lined
4mm pearls, sage
6mm pearls, black
Drops, black matte finish
4mm bicones, amethyst AB

Lilian Walsh - XXOXX Bracelet

Lime green 6mm glass pearls
Emerald Green AB 3.4mm drops
Dark Green Iris size 15 seed beads
Lime green AB size 11 seed beads
Turquoise 4mm Czech Firepolish beads
Olivine 3mm Crystal Bicones

Jayne Wilks - La Fleur Bracelet

I used Aquamarine Swarovski Chatons
Green AB 3mm Bicones
Clear Silver lined size 11 seeds
Clear Silver lined size 15 seeds
6lb fireline
Heart Toggle Clasp

Janie Smith - La Fleur Bracelet

8mm Sand Opal Chaton
3mm Sand Opal ab2x
11/0 Bronze Seed Beads
15/0 Bronze Seed Beads
10mm Gold Tone Magnetic Clasp

Tressa Williams - La Fleur Bracelet

Rose Water Opal Chatons
Fuscia 3mm Bicones
Gold Duracoat 15's
Gold Duracost 11's
Gold Magnetic Clasp

Pat Jones - XXOXX Bracelet
Various greens 4mm fire polished
Emerald green Magatama
Brown 11/0 seed beads
Crystal tan 15/0 seed beads
Iris 8/0 seed beads
Topaz bicones
6mm copper pearl

Sabine - XXOXX Bracelet

4mm – fire polished – Opaque Turquoise Picasso
6mm – Copper pearls
3mm – magatama – Dark Bronze
3mm – fire polished bi-cones – Copper
8/o – Toho – Metallic Iris Brown
11/o – Toho – Dark Bronze
15/o – seed – Dark Copper
Cooper clasp

Kim Nua - XXOXX Bracelet

192- fire polish rounds light amethyst
21-6mm amethyst rounds
size 15 seed beads silver lined lavender
size 11 dark purple rainbow
size 8 seed beads matsuno purple lined blue
3mm amethyst rainbow drops
28-3mm ab amethyst bicones
1- magnetic clasp