Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bead Along Almost Done!

Shayla Daniel - Double Star Earrings
8mm Chatons in Bermuda Blue
4mm Swarovski Bicones Ocean Blue
3mm Swarovski Bicones Ocean Blue AB
Size 15 seed beads silver lined
Size 11 seed beads silver
3mm Bugle beads Blue Gray AB
Tressa Williams - Double Star
Fuscia 3mm & 4mm Bicones
Pink Opal Chatons
Cinnamon Gold Luster Bugles
Duracoat Seeds

Yvette Carter - XXOXX Bracelet
4mm Fire Polish- Dark Brown
6mm Glass Pearls-Gold
11/o and 15/o seed beads- Topaz Gold
8/o seed beads- Ceylon Peach
3.4mm drops- Dark Topaz matte transparent
4mm bicone crystals- Red Topaz (looks orange)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Two more bead along pics

Here are two pictures that I received this week for the bead along. This past Sunday was the turn in date for the Double Star Earrings. I was really surprised that I have only had 4 people do this project. To me this was the simpliest project in the whole book. Guess it's just a busy time of year for people.

I love this bead along because I like how everyone uses such cool and different colors. It always fun to see what others put together because normally its beads or colors that, alone, we would have never thought about.  This bead along has been a fun way to learn. Only a few more projects and then we're done!

Cheryl - XXOXX Bracelet
Cheryl used a lot of materials that she already had on hand and was not sure of the exact colors used
Jayne Wilks - Double Star Earrings

8mm Chatons – Pacific Opal
4mm Glass Bicones – Aquamarine
3mm Bicones – Crystal AB
Size 15 Seed Beads – Silver Lined Aqua
Size 15 Seed Beads – Metallic Silver
Size 11 Seed Beads – Metallic Silver
3mm Bugle Beads – Aquamarine

Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Project

I worked on a brand new project over the weekend. It took me awhile but I came up with a new wide bracelet that I LOVE! The bracelet incorporates a pendant that i am going to be teaching in one of my youtube videos in the next few weeks. I came up with a ring originally and then made a pendant to match. (Both of these will be videos.) As I made the pendant I was thinking of how fun it would be to make it into a bracelet. I worked, took apart, worked, took apart, and worked until my head hurt. After a short nap I came back to my beading table with fresh eyes and was able to finish the project. I am going to work next week to get a pattern written so that after the ring and pendant video come out I can then post the bracelet on I love how the purple turned out and can't wait to try it in a few other colors to see how it turns out.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012


I added my beads and got these babies finished! They are so pretty. I only wished my iPad took better pictures so that you could see the color better.

I worked from home Friday and got the earrings finished and worked literally all day on a new bracelet design. Its very dressy but its loaded with crystals and in my book thats all that matters. :) I'm going to try to work from home on Wednesday so that I can get the pattern written for the bracelet and get a few more videos for the website finished. Meanwhile I'm going to go and get a bangle finished that i've been working on and then dive into a new surprise project. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bead Quilled Jewelry

A few years ago a great beading book came out called Bead Quilled Jewelry by Kathy King. I purchased the book loving the concept of the stitch but sadly the book got pushed to the back of the pile and I haven't looked at it for awhile. Two weeks ago I was skimming through my books and came upon the book again. Kathy suggests using size B Nymo thread in a lot of her designs so I purchased all of the available colors for the shop. I don't normally use Nymo so I knew that this was going to be an adventure. I have been so immersed in my designs that I just wanted to step out of my box for a little while and follow someone else's directions. I got my beads together and got to work on one of the first beginner projects in the book. (Page 29 Scroll Earrings) I was so excited by the stitch that I don't think I even looked up from my table for over an hour. This stitch was fresh and different from anything I have ever done. I have been beading everyday for almost 10 years so it was so nice to sit and try something new. I will say this....if you are confident in your stitching then you need to get this book and try it out. The stitch is based on square stitch but you use the thread to accent instead of trying to hide it. The beads sit on their sides so you SEE most of the thread. It took 2 hours but I got the structure of the first earrings made. They are really artsy looking but they are a lot smaller than what I am used to wearing. If someone likes dainty stuff then they will love these earrings. When I get to the shop tomorrow I am going to add some crystals to the top of my structures to make them a little longer. Below is a picture of the structures. I will try and post a picture tomorrow of the finished piece. I used 6mm Red Magma, 4mm Olivine, size B Brown Nymo, and 11/0 silver lined smoked topaz Delicas.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wonderful Completed Projects from Beaded Fantasies

Gina Soileau - Double Star Earrings
Sue Jensen - Double Star Earrings
3mm gold Bugle beads
3mm turq opals
green chatons
white crystal # 15 seed beads
gold galvanized#11 seeds
4mm bicones crystal ab’s
Gina Soileau - Grace Bracelet

I used Preciosa Pearls in a couple of different gold tones. Copper and Antique colored seed beads. Light saphire 4 mm fire polished and 3 mm fire polished chines crystal bicones in a dark saphire AB color.
Mk - La Fleur

Blue montana rivoli's
Size 11 Silver seed beads
Size 15 Silver seed beads
4mm red bicones
Lobster clasp
6lb Fireline
Tressa Williams - Queenie Bracelet

Size 11 Trans Rainbow Dark Amber AB Seed Beads
Size 11 Metallic Rainbow Violet/Bronze Cylinder Beads
Size 6 Smokey Topaz Seed Beads
Size 15 Metallic Rainbow Seeds
3mm Jet AB2X Bicones
14mm Topaz Rivolis
Gold Clasp
Joy Casady - Double Star Earrings

fern green AB 2X 4mm bicones, chrystolite opal chatons & 3mm bicones, matte blue gray 3mm bugles olivine C/L beige AB 11/0s & capri C/L metallic teal 15/0s
Deborah Burton - XXOXX Bracelet

8/0 Grape Lined Crystal Seed Beads
11/0 Extra Pale Green Seed Beads
15/0 Tan/Crystal AB Seed Beads
3.4mm Khaki Iris Magatama
3mm Purple Light Bicones
4mm Crystal Champagne Rounds
6mm Lt Amythyst Pearls
Magnetic Ball Clasp in Copper
Joy Casady - Queenie Bracelet

Karin Vervoort - Queenie Bracelet

6/0 - MC020 Bronze seed beads
15/0 -MC020 Bronze seed beads
Delica - 11/0 DB046-TB Silver Lined Silver Green
11/0 amber colour - my tube does not have a colour on it.
Rivoli is a chinese rivoli - 14mm Sahara
bicones- Topaz AB 3mm Swarovski Element
Jayne Wilks - Queenie Bracelet

14mm Rivoli – Clear Crystal
Size 6 beads – Wine Metallic
Size 11 Delica – Silver metallic
Size 11 Seed – Purple Iris
Size 15 Seed – Silver Metallic
4mm Bicone – Crystal AB