Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween is on it's way

In my house Halloween was never a big deal. I didn't even ever go trick or treating until I was well over the age limit to go. My dad is a pastor and Halloween was never celebrated in our house. I have never dressed up for Halloween until the last few years. When I took over as Merchant Association president of our town we started doing trick or treat in town again. The first year I dressed up as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and the kids loved it. I had the big dress and all. I had a blast and decided to make it an annual thing and see each year what I could come up with. It's hard because if you go to the store to buy a costume everything is "sexy" nurse, or "sexy" kitten, etc. When you are around kids handing out candy "sexy" doesn't quite cut it. I went to our local costume shop and found this really fun Witch hat. I purchased the hat but wasn't thrilled with any costume I could find. Thus, Pinterest took over! I logged onto Pinterest and made my costume this year from scratch. As I was putting the finishing touches on my costume tonight I couldn't help but take pride in the fact that I had tried a lot of new crafts with this new costume. You always see all this fun stuff on Pinterest and Pin it but, how often do we really do the stuff we pin. Well I used quite a few pins for Halloween. From head to toe, I'm going to be a walking billboard for Pinterest!

Town wide Trick-Or-Treat is friday and I'm going to have Sammy take pictures so I'll post the full costume then. I'm so excited to wear my outfit! I'm going to be "Blingda" the Blingy Witch! Lol!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Shayla Daniel - Milady Pendant
3g Green Gold lined 11 Seed Beads
3g Bronze 11 Seed Beads
2g Gold 15 Seed Beads
4x14mm Autumn Colour Rivolis
44x3mm Soft Copper Glass Pearls
32x3mm Bronze Crystal Bicones
8x8mm Soft Copper Glass Pearls


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bead Along Catch Up's

Karin Vervoort - Double Star Earrings
3mm gun metal colour bugle beads
11/0 galvanized silver seed beads
15/0 silver lined seed beads
4 Caribbean Opal Blue Chatons, 8mm
Caribbean Opal Blue 4mm Bicones
Caribbean Opal Blue 3mm Bicones
Silver plated hooks
6lb fireline
Karin Vervoort - Milady Pendant

11/0 galvanised silver seed beads
11/0 delica DB151-TB
15/0 toho seed beads silver lined light sapphire
4 chinese rivolis sapphire blue 14mm
3mm light sapphire blue ab coated bicones
3mm powder blue glass pearls
8mm baby blue glass pearls
6lb fireline
Jayne Wilks - Sheherazade Pendant

6mm Glass Pearls – Light Amethyst
3mm Fire polished rounds – Opaque Lilac
4mm fire polished rounds – Purple
Size 11 seed beads – Silver lined purple
Size 15 seed beads – Metallic silver
Size 8 seed beads – Black
Louise Parkinson - La Fleur Bracelet

- Chatons, Rose Water Opal
- 3mm bicones, Rose Water Opal
- 11 seeds, transparent pale pink AB
- 15 seeds, 158 transparent olive
Louise Parkinson - Queenie Bracelet

- Rivolis, Crystal Green Sphinx
- Bicones, Dark Indigo
- Cylinders, Miyuki Transparent Rainbow Silver Grey
- 6 seeds, Toho gunmetal
- 15 seeds, 143 Transparent Chartreuse
- 11 seeds, 452 Metallic Dark Blue Iris
Louise Parkinson - Double Star Earrings

- Chatons, Crystal AB
- Bugles, Silver Lined Crystal
- 11 seeds, 1051 Dyed Galvanised Silver
- 15 Seeds, 250 Crystal AB
- 4mm Bicones, Silver Shade
- 3mm Bicones, Crystal AB
Louise Parkinson - Sheherazade Pendant

- 3 & 4mm Firepolish, Light Sapphire AB
- 6mm Rounds, Crystal Powder Almond Pearls
- 8 seeds, White Ceylon
- 11 seeds, Brown Iris
- 15 seeds, Crystal AB
Yvette Carter - Sheherazade Pendant
Yvette was very clever and made her pendant double sided. Below are pictures of both sides.

3 mm fire polish-Peach
4mm fire polish- Green Picasso
6mm satin rounds- Copper
8/o-Topaz Gold
11/o- Dark Peach lined Crystal AB
15/o- Topaz Gold (side 2) and transparent olivine green(side 1)