Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bead Along Catch Up's

Karin Vervoort - Double Star Earrings
3mm gun metal colour bugle beads
11/0 galvanized silver seed beads
15/0 silver lined seed beads
4 Caribbean Opal Blue Chatons, 8mm
Caribbean Opal Blue 4mm Bicones
Caribbean Opal Blue 3mm Bicones
Silver plated hooks
6lb fireline
Karin Vervoort - Milady Pendant

11/0 galvanised silver seed beads
11/0 delica DB151-TB
15/0 toho seed beads silver lined light sapphire
4 chinese rivolis sapphire blue 14mm
3mm light sapphire blue ab coated bicones
3mm powder blue glass pearls
8mm baby blue glass pearls
6lb fireline
Jayne Wilks - Sheherazade Pendant

6mm Glass Pearls – Light Amethyst
3mm Fire polished rounds – Opaque Lilac
4mm fire polished rounds – Purple
Size 11 seed beads – Silver lined purple
Size 15 seed beads – Metallic silver
Size 8 seed beads – Black
Louise Parkinson - La Fleur Bracelet

- Chatons, Rose Water Opal
- 3mm bicones, Rose Water Opal
- 11 seeds, transparent pale pink AB
- 15 seeds, 158 transparent olive
Louise Parkinson - Queenie Bracelet

- Rivolis, Crystal Green Sphinx
- Bicones, Dark Indigo
- Cylinders, Miyuki Transparent Rainbow Silver Grey
- 6 seeds, Toho gunmetal
- 15 seeds, 143 Transparent Chartreuse
- 11 seeds, 452 Metallic Dark Blue Iris
Louise Parkinson - Double Star Earrings

- Chatons, Crystal AB
- Bugles, Silver Lined Crystal
- 11 seeds, 1051 Dyed Galvanised Silver
- 15 Seeds, 250 Crystal AB
- 4mm Bicones, Silver Shade
- 3mm Bicones, Crystal AB
Louise Parkinson - Sheherazade Pendant

- 3 & 4mm Firepolish, Light Sapphire AB
- 6mm Rounds, Crystal Powder Almond Pearls
- 8 seeds, White Ceylon
- 11 seeds, Brown Iris
- 15 seeds, Crystal AB
Yvette Carter - Sheherazade Pendant
Yvette was very clever and made her pendant double sided. Below are pictures of both sides.

3 mm fire polish-Peach
4mm fire polish- Green Picasso
6mm satin rounds- Copper
8/o-Topaz Gold
11/o- Dark Peach lined Crystal AB
15/o- Topaz Gold (side 2) and transparent olivine green(side 1)

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