Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Project Pictures of the bracelet

Sharen Matye  Northridge, CA
here is my version of the Link Bracelet, made with 11/0 silver seed beads and
3mm gun metal crystal bicones

Jan crosthwaite   Wallasey, U.K.
Here is my entry for the latest project, i really enjoyed making this and found it quite easy. 
I used size 11/0 & 15/0 seed beads in silver lined crystal and 11/0 silver lined blue for the joining bands. I'm still searching for a suitable clasp! 
It's been lovely seeing all the fab entries for the beadalong.

I have used gunmetal (haematite) size 11s and size 15s and AB crystal size 11s for the connecting rings.  As I had made 6 big rings I decided to use them all and make it a bangle with no clasp.
I didnt enjoy doing this one as I found the big rings really tough to join up.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Project Photos

Here are two more great projects that I received this week from the Bead Along:

I used Midnight Blue seed beads for the ovals and Royal Purple with Charcoal seed beads for the links.

Patty Penich   Derry, PA
 I changed the center rings a bit.
I  liked the gold shown in the magazine , so I used metallic dark gold 11/0 seed beads for the large rings 
and the base for the smaller rings. I used 4mm hematite color pearls for the accents.
 I also added a safety chain along with the magnetic clasp.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Necklace Bead Along Pictures

Cheryl Intartaglio. Lake Wallenpaupack,pa:
 I changed my necklace by using three earring components, and I followed the directions on page 71 (Tsarina) for the necklace. I used 11/0 silver lined rosaline,15/0 semi  matte purple, 15/0 semi matte dark rose, 4mm bicones in dark purple and rose. 

Becky aka (Marcella) Forest City NC

Cheryl Hall, Butler, Pennsylvania
I used Toho bronze 11/0's, Toho 15/0's color #262M. I used swarovski crystals in purple, blue, & green opal colors. My jeweled rings were made differently than the instructions. This got a bit tedious for me & I will confess that I haven't put the clasp on yet, but I'm glad it's done ! Ready for the next project.

Jan Crosthwaite
Wallasey U.K.
here is my entry for the beadalong, never thought i would get it finished!
i used 11/0 & 15/0 seed beads in silver lined crystal and 6mm crystal bicones in capri blue. i made the earrings into a drop.

Bonnie French
Crystal Lattice:
11/0 Toho Matt PF Galvanized Gold
8/0 Czech Metallic Beige Matte
6mm Bracciated Jasper rounds
Summer Lace:
4mm Brown glass pearl
6mm Brown glass pearl
11/0 Miyuki Galvanized Silver

Fiona - UK
11/0 duracoat pewter seed beads
15/0 gold seed beads
4mm swarovski bicones in emerald, light topaz and AB siam.

Sharen Matye
Northridge, California
Hello everyone,  It is so fun to see everyone's work.  Here is my bracelet for May 13th.  I used Miyuki 11/0 gold and 15/0 black for the main body of the bracelet.
the rings I used 4mm bi-cone crystals in black, red, rose jade, med aquamarine, period.   This project was very challenging.  I started it 5 times before I got it going.

Barb Tarcza
TOHO Bead Round 6/0 Gilt-Lined Aqua Opal
TOHO Bead Round 11/0 Opaque-Lustered Pearl Crystal
Swarovski 5000 6mm Faceted Round Light Turquoise
Swarovski 5000 4mm Faceted Round Light Turquoise

Pat (Jones)  Huntsville AL
For the necklace: Size 11 silver-lined brown seed beads and drk brown 15 seed beads around dark cream rat tail.
Slides are fire opal bicones - 15/0 brown and 15/0 orange seed beads; silver- lined brown seed beads and orange 15 seed beads. Clasp is gold color lobster clasp. Really enjoyed this one!
For the bracelet: Size 11 multi-colored beads for the large rings and size 11 yellow with size 15 green embellishment on the smaller bands.
A..n..d FINALLY got one of my right angle weave increase practices to come out correctly. Used two colors (thank you for the do that in some of your videos) and once I could see it better I got a decent weave. Hopefully will be much better at it by the time I try the earrings


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Check out this interesting article!

I get a great email from one of the industry retailers each week. Normally I delete it and go on about my business but a headline caught my eye and I read one of the articles. Its pretty interesting. Check out this link about the story and let me know what you think.

You can find the article here:

Question about current bead along project:

In the Jeweled Rings Necklace, the pattern calls for sewing satin rattail cord in the necklace. I've never done this technique. I have searched high and low for a tutorial on this. Can you give some pointers on that and what purpose the rattail cord serves in the project? I would greatly it. Please share my question with others. Just in case someone else is stuck on the same thing as me.

Dawn Morris
Liberty, Mo.

A lot of people have been leaving the rat tail out. The rat tail cord is simply to give the piece more shape. When you start the beadwork you will be working around the rat tail cord. As per #1 on page 66 it says to tie the beads into a circle around the 1mm cord. and work odd count peyote stitch around the cord. Once you have the beadwork done then you are to sew through the cord several times to make sure it is connected to the beadwork. Personally, I would leave the rat cord out. You can add it if you want but your piece should be stable enough to wear with the cord. Hope this helps.

Monday, May 6, 2013

More Great Project Pictures

Jen, Wilmingon, MA
I used hematite 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads, purple velvet bicones for the center beads, and crystal bicones for the outer beads. I did not use anything in the center of the rope which made this necklace very light and comfortable to wear.

Patty Penich from Derry PA
I made the earrings to complete the set.  I did not use the 15/0 seed bead because I could not see them in my project.  
I used 11/0 silver lined square hole seed beads, 11/0 silver lined black seed beads,
swarovski denim blue 4 mm bicones, swarovski rose peach 4 mm bicones and
swarovski luminous green 4 mm bicones.

Sharen in California.
Here is my second project. I used the same silver seed beads and turquoise chips to match first
Project. It seemed rather plain in the center so I added more turquoise .  

Cheryl Hall, Butler, PA 
I used silver #11 & 8 seed beads & instead of crystals, I used 6mm firepolished beads