Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wonderful Completed Projects from Beaded Fantasies

Gina Soileau - Double Star Earrings
Sue Jensen - Double Star Earrings
3mm gold Bugle beads
3mm turq opals
green chatons
white crystal # 15 seed beads
gold galvanized#11 seeds
4mm bicones crystal ab’s
Gina Soileau - Grace Bracelet

I used Preciosa Pearls in a couple of different gold tones. Copper and Antique colored seed beads. Light saphire 4 mm fire polished and 3 mm fire polished chines crystal bicones in a dark saphire AB color.
Mk - La Fleur

Blue montana rivoli's
Size 11 Silver seed beads
Size 15 Silver seed beads
4mm red bicones
Lobster clasp
6lb Fireline
Tressa Williams - Queenie Bracelet

Size 11 Trans Rainbow Dark Amber AB Seed Beads
Size 11 Metallic Rainbow Violet/Bronze Cylinder Beads
Size 6 Smokey Topaz Seed Beads
Size 15 Metallic Rainbow Seeds
3mm Jet AB2X Bicones
14mm Topaz Rivolis
Gold Clasp
Joy Casady - Double Star Earrings

fern green AB 2X 4mm bicones, chrystolite opal chatons & 3mm bicones, matte blue gray 3mm bugles olivine C/L beige AB 11/0s & capri C/L metallic teal 15/0s
Deborah Burton - XXOXX Bracelet

8/0 Grape Lined Crystal Seed Beads
11/0 Extra Pale Green Seed Beads
15/0 Tan/Crystal AB Seed Beads
3.4mm Khaki Iris Magatama
3mm Purple Light Bicones
4mm Crystal Champagne Rounds
6mm Lt Amythyst Pearls
Magnetic Ball Clasp in Copper
Joy Casady - Queenie Bracelet

Karin Vervoort - Queenie Bracelet

6/0 - MC020 Bronze seed beads
15/0 -MC020 Bronze seed beads
Delica - 11/0 DB046-TB Silver Lined Silver Green
11/0 amber colour - my tube does not have a colour on it.
Rivoli is a chinese rivoli - 14mm Sahara
bicones- Topaz AB 3mm Swarovski Element
Jayne Wilks - Queenie Bracelet

14mm Rivoli – Clear Crystal
Size 6 beads – Wine Metallic
Size 11 Delica – Silver metallic
Size 11 Seed – Purple Iris
Size 15 Seed – Silver Metallic
4mm Bicone – Crystal AB


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