Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tina Lee - XXOXX Bracelet
6 mm Metallic Hematite Glass Beads
4 mm Hematite Fire Polished
3 mm Silver Lined Teal Magatamas
3 mm Crystal Silver Night Bicones
8/0 Silver Lined Teal Seed Beads
11/0 Galvanized Silver Seed Beads
15/0 Galvanized Silver Seed Beads
15/0 Silver Lined Teal Seed Beads
Tina Lee - Grace Bracelet
6mm - Gray Glass Pearls
4 mm - Gray Glass Pearls
4 mm - Crystal Fire Polished
3 mm - Jet Glass Round Beads
3mm - Black Diamond Bicones
11/0 - Black Opaque Seed Beads
15/0 - Black Diamond AB Seed Beads

Jayne Bracknell - XXOXX Bracelet

6mm Pale Gold Glass Pearls
Size 15 Bronze Seed Beads
Size 11 Gold Seed Beads
4mm Copper Fire Polished Beads
Size 8 Bronze Seed Beads
3mm Brown Magatama beads for the edges
4mm Gold Magatama beads for the centres
4mm Red AB Bicones

Mary-Ann Swanger - XXOXX Bracelet

4mm firepolish blue/lilac round
3mm firepolish blue/lillac round
3mm firepolish light purple
8/0 silver lined emerald
11/0 light purple
15/0 Iris Purple
3mm green ab bicone

Celie Mayer - XXOXX Bracelet
copper crystal pearl
8/0 user's choice
other beads as listed in book


1 comment:

Marcie said...

Hi from Australia, Kelly.

I only discovered you and your fantastic videos a couple of days ago and already I have learned so much. Thanks for being such a generous person for making these videos available and congratulations on your skill as an instructor.
Today I made my first ever pair of RAW beaded earrings and next week I am going to start on a montee embellished necklace. I am excited.