Sunday, August 19, 2012

I can now get back to my life...

For the last month my life has revolved around cars. I am president of our towns Merchants Association and we have a huge car show every year in August. As president I am one of the main organizers of the event. I am one big stress ball the whole month and my poor husband has to endure it all! I always hate to see August roll around because I know that my business will suffer. I stay so busy with the show that it's hard to juggle both. The car show is how we raise money to put on the Christmas Parade and other events throughout the year so we work really hard to make the show great. But thankfully its all over and now I feel like I can get back to my life and my business.

Tonight I was in the Dollar General and seen the new In Style Magazine. It is huge with 652 pages. The colors are still bright, as they were this summer, but I was so surprised to see so many beads on clothing for the fall. Beads on shoes too! One of my favorites though was the Jewelry Inspiration Page. The colors are so pretty and gem tone. This page is great inspiration for beaders because we can figure out how to make our own pretties with beads. The jewelry on the page is made up of mostly gems but the right Swarovski can give you the same look! As a jewelry designer I always have my eyes open for inspiration and this magazine is a great one! If your feeling like you need some inspiration then this magazine is a must.

I also purchased the new Vogue magazine which has a whopping 916 pages. I'll let you know about it later in the week.

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