Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bead Along

Dianne in Chicago
10 mm teal metal seed beads about 15 grams
4mm  teal pearls 18
4mm teal crystal rondelles 18
1 6 mm teal pearl
1 4 mm teal pearl
5 4mm teal crystal rondelles
about 20 teal seeds
4 6 mm teal pearls
3 4 mm teal pearls
14 teal crystal rondelles

Judy Nelson - Boston, MA
I used Gold size 11 seed beads and turquoise colored stones for pendants and also turquoise pearl size 6 seed beads

*Judy I'm sorry but for some reason no matter what I tried your picture would never turn the right way. Please don't be upset. I'm not the greatest at computers.*

Rita Brooks -- Alabama
I used 11/0 metallic gold czechs and lt blue 4mm pearls

Fiona - UK 
I used galvanised silver delicas as I liked the shine on them, gilt lined opal size 6 seed beads and swarovski glass pearls in white.  

Debra Barrow -  Holland, Michigan

 I shortened the necklace and while I was waiting for a bead order to come in so I could move on the second project, I made a second necklace.  The first version I used gold seed beads and 4mm white pearls.  The second version I alternated 4mm and 6mm seed beads. 

Angela Mesa
i used sea foam 11/0 and white jade ab thunder polish crystals in place of the 6/0 seed beads.  I used a 6mm crystal a b for the earring as well. I didn't care for the pendant so I didn't attach it.

Sheri, South Bend Indiana
Materials: 3mm Powder Pink and Light Green Swarovski Pearls, 4mm Violet Opel Swarovski bicones, 11/o Silver Lined Transparent Gun Metal seed beads; 6lb smoke Fireline.
I used the 2-needle right angle weave instead of just the right angle weave. I like the consistency of the two-needle method. I chose not to use a focal bead.


Lynda Manselle said...

All these beaded jewelry looks wonderful.

I would like to join your beading group. My name is Lynda and I live near Kandiyohi, MN. I have been a crafter from a young age and beading has been my favorite. Looking forward to sending in a picture or two for you to see.

Kim Philibert said...

I would like to join also. I have just found you blog and love your videos