Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diamond Decadence Necklace from June 2013 Bead and Button

I sat down Saturday night and decided to tackle the Diamond Decadence Necklace from the June 2013 Bead and Button Magazine. I started the pattern exactly like the designer says to do. I used 3mm bugle beads and size 15 seed beads to make 79 RAW boxes. Once you have your bugle bead strip done then you are supposed to start laying in your cup chain and attaching more bugle beads so that the cup chain does not fall out. Well let me tell you...I was about to lose my mind doing the project the way the magazine says to do it. I had a horrible time getting the cup chain in the RAW sections and when I had a few in there the bead work was so tight that it wouldn't budge. Also, when I had about 15 cup chain sections anchored in my thread broke. Well you know me...when there way I fails I come up with my own. .

I started the project over. I started 2 boxes of RAW and laid them onto the cup chain. I anchored the two boxes and then made a new RAW box. I laid it over the next cup and then anchored that box. I basically did 2 steps in 1. Instead of making a strip of RAW first, I made it while I was connecting it in the cup chain. I found that it was much easier this way and the bead work wasn't as tight. I still got the same results as the designer did. I just didn't lose my mind while doing it. LOL.

I wanted a more casual necklace so I decided not to add the crystal drops. I really like the finished piece. I will say though that this is not a beginner project and if you decided to tackle it you will need to have a little stitching experience first. Its a pretty affordable project if you making one for yourself. I don't know if I would make a bunch of these up to sell but it would be great for formals and weddings. The cup chain is the most expensive component but you will need less than 2 foot so it's not too bad.  If you decide to tackle this project you can find it on page 62 of the June 2013 Bead and Button Magazine.

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