Monday, March 11, 2013

Gotta love Pinterest

I love Pinterest and am totally addicted! It's amazing all the cool things you can find on there. It makes life so much easier sometimes. One of my largest Pinterest boards is my beading board. I pin patterns and pictures of Jewelry that I would like to make one day. As you know bubble necklaces are so big for the spring and summer this year. Late last year I pinned a bubble necklace that was factory made and decided that I wanted to try and recreate it one day. We got in some new color pearls last week so I decided to sit down and give the necklace a try. After 4 hours of mistrials I finally got the perfect fit and lay for the necklace. The first picture is of my original pin and the second picture is of the one I made. What do ya think?

I am currently on the look out for a cool piece of Emerald because this is going to be my next conquest to try and make!

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Sharon said...


Carol Crottie said...

I love it! Can we expect to see a video on You Tube soon. Please!!

MLady said...

I love it! Where do I get the beads, and please show us how to make it!

Genie O'Neil said...

Kelly--do you have instructions for this bubble necklace you have here in a light bluish color? I really like that and I'm heading to CA for a wedding this summer and I think this would be great with my dress. Of course, I'd need instructions for a bracelet and earrings too!!! Any help, greatly appreciated!! Genie O'Neil

Anonymous said...

Great job!!!