Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Earring Challenge Day 3

Well today is day 3 of the Beading Daily Earring Challenge and I came up some with pretties! These earrings were super simple to make and they can be made so many ways. I used 18ga wire and I cut two 4 inch pieces. I straightened each piece of wire with my nylon jaw pliers. I then used my ring mandrel and wrapped each piece of wire around the mandrel at the size 10 to give me the perfect shaped tear drop. Once I had the shape I then made a loop on each end of the wire. The key is to try your best and get the top loops to be the same size. You can then take a head pin and add your beads as desired. Make a loop at the top of the headpin and then use a jump ring to put it all together.

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Unknown said...

Very cute! Can't believe you're going to do a pair a day!!