Thursday, January 12, 2012

Earring Challenge Day 12

One of my regular customers named Rita came in Tuesday and seen my pink earrings. I was shocked to find out that after all the things I have seen her make that she didn't know how to do Peyote Stitch. I sat her down right then and taught her to do not only peyote stitch but also to make the peyote stitch tubes. While teaching her I made another pair of the pink earrings. I am going to put one pair out for sale and then I'm going to give one pair to my mom so she will have some cute earrings to wear for Valentine's Day.

I guess I can say that these earrings are my official Day12 Earrings. These earrings are a continuation of a project that I started and didn't like how it looked. The original earrings were supposed to be just one ring of 4mm bicones but you know me...I can never leave anything alone. I added a center and an extra ring of 3mm's. I thought that they turned out really good. I can see one as a ring too! Gonna work on this pattern a little and see what other little things I can do to it.

I'm so happy today because the SUN IS OUT IN NC! It seems like it has been day's since we've seen the sun. I need to see the sun because if I don't I feel like I start to get depressed! Yesterday is rained all day and then about 4:30 a tornado hit in the lower part of the county. Injured a lot of people but thank God that nobody lost their lives.


muhabbetsofrasi said...

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Teri Casey (PSJ Designs) said...

OOOhhhhh I love these too!!! Tutorial in the future? Have a wonderful day!