Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Earring Challenge Day 25

So today most of my morning was spent driving to Clayton NC. Because I am the Merchants Association President we have to go to the NC Main Street Confrence. Since I knew that I would be driving most of the morning I went ahead yesterday and made my earrings for todays challenge. I love to look at foreign beading books. I don't understand a word they say but I am great with diagrams. These earrings are from one of those books. I can't say that I like these earrings but it was fun to be able to try a new pattern.

I was looking foward to my trip to Clayton for one main go bead shopping! There is a great bead shop in Raleigh called Ornamentea that I have been wanting to go to for a long time but have just never gotten the oppertunity. Sammy and I found it without problem and lets just say that I added to my bead stash.....

One of the first things I found were these great memory wire hoops that you can make into earrings. I don't have anything green and I am wearing a green sweater tomorrow so I decided to get me some Olivine Crystals and Lime crystals to make a quick pair of earrings to wear tomorrow.

I don't normally buy earrings, since I can make them, but I found these and I thought that they were so cute! I am getting spring fever and I thought these would be great and would go with a lot of my new wardrobe.

I always have and always will be a sucker for seed beads! I found these colors and even though I'm pretty sure that I have one of them I decided to go ahead and get them just in case. Besides I needed some so that I could work up my earrings tonight.

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BeadAddictSLuna said...

Kelly, why three of the picture frames are showing the warning sign instead of the pictures? Is something wrong on my side or it's the same for everybody?
I love your blog and videos. You ARE my favorite :D