Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Earring Challenge Day 17

I cannot believe that I finally made these earrings! My mother and father in law purchased this pattern for me during the 2010 Christmas season. I put it with all my other patterns and it just seemed to get further and further to the back. I sat in my floor at home last night and had tons of patterns laid out next to me. I tried to go through and find earring patterns so that I could work on them for the challenge. This pattern is by Picadilly and is called Tutorial #45 Alice.  Its been so long that I wasn't even sure if she would still be on etsy but when I checked she was. You can find her etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/JewelryonPicadilly  She had the pattern listed still for $4.00 plus she had a lot more. Although her pattern was good when I make another pair I am going to tweak it a little bit so that it's more my style. I have a good customer named Linda who I think I might make a pair of these for. She, like me, has been doing Weight Watchers and she met her goal so I think a pair of these would be just the thing to say "Way to go!"

I wanted to show you guys another piece that I just finished. Earlier in January I posted a picture of the same thing in different colors. The pattern is by Nikia Angel. I needed something to wear with all sorts of blue colors so I used Montana Satin and Black Diamond 2xAB crystals. I love the way this pendant turned out! I made it Saturday and I have already worn it three times.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of another piece that I have been working on. Stephanie from TX has got me working on a new bracelet for her. The base wasn't bad and took no time at all but the top of the bracelet is taking a little longer than expected. I will post my progress tomorrow.

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Kelly, this is beautiful - I love the colors