Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Pearls

I love to work with pearls.  I think that there is a beauty about them that no other bead can match or touch.  They are classic and regal looking.  I ordered some new bold color pearls for the shop from China and they arrived last week.  They are so pretty!  Beautiful bold teals, reds, greens, and coral colors arrived at my door step and it was like Christmas getting to open each package. Anyhow two of the colors that came in were Coral and Magenta Pink.  I was packaging them and was thinking about how great they would look together.  I started playing and messing around with a really old pattern that I found and started out making a pendant.  I got halfway through the pendant and changed my mind and decided to make a bracelet.  I got the first little component done and was hooked!  The magenta and coral looked great together.  I have 3 of the components done and am going to try to finish up the bracelet today or tomorrow.  I will post pics of the finished product but for now here is a preview....

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