Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hogarth Crystal Curve Necklace

For the last few months I haven't gotten a chance to bead much for myself.  Easter is coming up and I wanted to make a new jewelry set to go with my new brown and blue dress. Last week one of my customers came in and we started working on the Hogarth Crystal Curve Necklace that is in the April issue of Bead and Button Magazine.  We both started making the piece into a bracelet last week and I loved how easy the design was to do.  As soon as I finished the bracelet sample for the store I then set out to work on my necklace for Easter. It took me two days but I got it finished and I love the results.  If you get a chance, be sure and try the pattern because the components are really easy to make. The hard part is trying to piece them together. Once you understand that you are good to go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, That necklace looks great. I will have to try that pattern. I just watched your youtube video Fun fire polished bracelet. I love it. You are a wonderful teacher. I especially like how you get the close ups. It really helps. Just had to post and tell you. Thank you for all you do to teach us.

Anonymous said...

Can tell me where caN I instruction?

Ammu Kutty said...

could u plz do the tutorial...........????

Justine Griqua said...

Hi Kelly. I immediately fell inlove with the necklace. I bought myself this amazing denim dress with the perfect pair of wedges. While searching trough the internet for inspiration on accessories I came across this One of a kind Necklace which I would love to make for myself. If you would please be so kind to do a tutorial...Pretty Please.We have a wedding celebration coming in a month and I would like to show of my new necklace. I'm from Africa, South Africa