Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Grace Bracelets

The first pictures of the Grace Bracelet are rolling in and boy are they pretty! The people who have sent in pictures so far have done a fantastic job!

1. Kari Ledbetter - Colors Used:
        6mm Round - Light Yellow Pearls
        4mm- Olivine Rounds
        3mm Bicone - Light Olivine AB
        3mm - White Pearl
        4mm - Light Yellow Pearl
         11/0 Opaque Jade
        15/0 White Pearl Seed

2. Pearl X - Colors Used:
6mm rounds Pearl
4mm fire polished light amber/copper
3mm bicones opal
3mm & 4mm rounds various shades of purple
11 seed mid purple
15 seed light purple

3. Sue - Colors Used:
6mm silver fire polished beads
4mm fire polished round emerald green
4mm fire polished round copper AB
3mm bicones, deep turq AB
3mm silver round fire polished AB
size 15 silver seed beads
size 11 silver/gold varible seed beads

4. Jane:
     One in gold cream and browns and the other in purples and lilacs.

5. Sandi McCraw - Colors Used:
   3mm Copper Rounds
4mm Goldstone Rounds
6mm Goldstone Rounds
3mm Copper Bicones
4mm Matte Metallic Gold Fire Polish
15 Copper Seeds
11 Galvanized Gold Seeds

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