Wednesday, July 18, 2012

XXOXX Bracelet and a few Grace Bracelets

Our first challenge is complete but there are still a few pictures rolling in.

Tressa Williams:  XXOXX Bracelet
Lime 4mm fire polish
Gold Filligree 6mm rounds
Duracoat Gold 15's
Duracoat Gold 11's
Old Rose Gold 8's
Opaque Khaki AB Magatamas
Jet AB2X 3mm bicones
Gold clasp

Karin Vervoort: XXOXX Bracelet:

4mm Fire Polished AB coated beads. Colour Jet AB
6mm Glass Coated Pearls. Colour Turquoise
11/0 Turquoise frosted AB Seed Bead
15/0 Black colour 401 Seed Bead
15/0 Turquoise frosted AB Seed Bead
8/0 Silver lined light Aqua Seed Beed
3mm Magatamas colour glass blue lined.
4mm Crystal Bicones colour turquoise
Silver clasp on 6lb fireline

 Karin Vervoort Grace Bracelet:
Miyuki S/B 15/0 colour 91531 Sparkle Purple lined Crystal
Toho S/B 11/0 colour amethyst.
Swarovski crystal 3mm Bicones colour 5301 Fushia AB
4mm Fire Polished Beads colour 00010/15726
6mm Glass coated pearls colour lilac.
3mm Glass coated pearls colour White
Silver magnet clasp and 2 X wire protectors. On 6lb fire line

Angela Partridge Grace Bracelet:

6mm Blue Czech Pearls
4mm Czech Firepolish Rosaline AB
3mm Czech Firepolish Black AB (Color was not listed on the tag)
3mm Off White Pearls
3mm Silver Thunder Polish Bicone
15/0 Gold lined white
11/0 Light blue
Sterling Silver magnet clasp
Sterling Silver Ear Hooks with clear Cubic Zirconium stud
8mm Fireline

Kay Haynes Grace Bracelet:
6mm dark green glass pearls
4mm Tourmaline Celsian fire polish
3mm Swarovski crystal copper bicones
3mm antique copper rounds
4mm copper glass pearls
11/0 copper lined crystal
15/0 delica copper
copper magnetic clasp

Janie Smith XXOXX Bracelet:
4mm Copper Fire-Polished
6mm Metallic Copper Round
15/0 Dark Bronze SB
11/0 Dark Bronze Iris SB
8/0 Opaque Curry
3mm Brown Megatoma
4mm Red Bicone
Copper Clasp and Jump Rings


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
Everyone has made beautiful pieces. Good work Ladies!!!


Maria said...

all of it is beautiful work