Tuesday, July 24, 2012

XXOXX Bracelet

You guys are completely amazing me! You guys are sending me some amazing pictures. I hope each of you are super proud of yoursleves!

Kathy Bourdess - Grace Bracelet
6mm Dark Bronze Crystals
4mm Brown Pearls
4mm Bright Copper Crystals
3mm Copper Pearls
11/0 Copper Seed Beads
15/0 Gold Seed beads
Copper S Clasp

Shayla Daniel - XXOXX Bracelet
Raspberry AB fire polished beads.
Berry red 6mm Pearls
Size 15 Seed Beads in Strawberry Gold luster
Size 11 Seed Beads in Strawberry Gold luster
Size 8 Seed Beads in Ruby Opal Silver Lined
3mm Drop Miyuki Matte Smoky Amethyst
Bronze Crystal Bicones

Jane Carroll - XXOXX Bracelet
royal blue fire polish 4mm
Blue round beads 6mm
crystal size 15 seed beads
crystal size 11 seed beads
Royal size 8 seed beads
turquoise 3mm magatama beads
turquoise bicones

Debra Stapleton - XXOXX Bracelet

4 mm AB Amethyst fire polished rounds
6 mm Tiger eye round
 size 15 delica Galvanized copper 
 size 11 delica gold silver lined seed beads
3 mm amethyst drop beads
3 mm amethyst magatama beads
4mm olive bicone crystal beads
size 8 copper seed bead
1 copper magnetic closure

Barbara Bryant - XXOXX Bracelet

4mm copper polish beads
6mm copper polish beads
15/0 seed beads
11/0 seed beads
3.2 mm bright copper beads
3mm magatama
Red Bicones


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