Monday, July 16, 2012

Last of the Grace Bracelets

Sunday was the last day for the Grace Bracelet. These are the pictures that I received last week to finish out this project. The pictures on the blog are pictures that were emailed to me. If you posted your picture on facebook and did not email it to me your picture is not listed. If you would like to have it listed on the blog please email the picture and your materials list to and I will list it on here. Also, I can only list what you email me so if you leave info out please do not get upset if it's not on here. I can't put what i don't have. Also, I double checked my emails but if you emailed me and do not see your picture please let me know and I will check again to make sure. If you see that I have any of your info listed incorrectly please email me and I will be happy to change it.

I have been blown away by the creativity you guys have and your eye for color. Everyone who has participated has did a fantastic job!

Jackie Demyers:
used 6mm teal china pearls, 4mm crystal AB fire polish, 3mm crystal AB fire polish, 3mm black china pearls, 11` seed beads in black, and 15` silver seed beads.

Kim Nua:
6mm-freshwater pearls-multi colors( yellow blue brown)
4mm-fire polished beads-peridot ab
3mm-bi cones-Bermuda ab
3mm-Rondelle's-Bermuda ab
4mm-pearls-forest green
11-size to hos -gold green
15-size matsuno's-mat green
gold tone filigree clasp box
 Joy Casady:
Used materials as listed in book for this project

Lisa Mitchum:
30 6mm gold preciosa round beads
44 4mm blue teal fire polished beads
15 3mm jet black 2xAB crystal bicones
20 3mm bright gold round beads
14 4mm teal pearls
size 11 seed bead brown iris
size 15 light gold seed bead

Barbara Bryant:
6mm Teal Pearls
3 mm Silver Bicone
15/0 gold seed beads
4mm Copper bicones
3mm rounds

Jackie Severance:
Sm. Turqoise rectangle stones (about 3-4mm)
4mm Fire polished Amethyst AB
3mm Black bicones
3mm Swarovski Pearls-Tahitian
4mm Transparent Amethyst luster round Chech pressed glass beads
11/0-Silver lined Golden bronze
15/0-Silver lined Light Topaz

Donna Kimball
pink 6mm
pink firepolish
smoke crystals
gray 3 and 4mm rounds
pink 11 SB and gray 15 SB

S. Daniel:
I used Lilac 6mm Pearls
Lilac AB fire-polished beads
Aquamarine crystal bicones
Sterling Silver 3mm beads
Lilac 4mm Pearls
Lilac Lined size 11 seed beads
Silver Lined size 15 seed beads
Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp.

Jayne Wilks:
6mm Glass pearls – Teal
4mm Fire Polished – Crystal
3mm Bicone – Swarovski Crystal – Teal
3mm Stardust silver metal bead
4mm Shiny silver metal bead
Size 11 – Petrol blue
Size 15 – Silver lined clear

Mary-Ann Swanger:
6mm med blue glass rounds
4mm Swarovski Purple dark Lapis round
3mm Swarovski puple Petrol round
4mm Preciosa firepolish light aqua round
3mm swarovski crystal ab round
3mm light blue ab bicone
15/0 ceylon sky blue (miyuki)
11/0 opaque blue (preciosa)

6mm facetet gold and tan round beads
4mm blue/green fire polished
4mm gold/clear fire polished
3mm swarovski gold shadow
size 11 gold
size 15 blue

 4mm Firepolished Blueberry/Green Tea, silver 3mm, purple iris seed beads, gold & bronze seed beads, gold clasp and amethyst ab bicones. 

Joan Biciunas
6mm Swarovski - purple velvet
4mm clear AB rounds
4mm silver fire polished rounds
3mm silver bicone
4mm silver round
15/0 hematite
11/0 silver lined
11/0 black delica

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Melinda Watkns said...

Wow! I can't believe all of the pictures and wonderful colors you have received for the bead along. Have a great time with the other projects. Someday I would like to participate also. Maybe next time. Thanks for putting all of the pictures up--the are wonderful