Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Grace Bracelets

Here are more pictures of the Grace Bracelet from the Bead Along that I have received so far.  These are looking so great!

April Jefferson:
Black Pearls, 6mm
Medium Green Fire Polished beads, 4mm
Dark Yellow AB, 3mm
White Swarovski Pearls, 3mm
Clear Rounds, 4mm
11/0 Clear AB
15/0 Dark Metal

Kathleen Vayianos:
  6 mm round dark gray
4mm fire-polished black
3mm bicone diamond purple velvet
3mm & 4mm rounds dark purple & dark gray
11 seed silver lined dark royal purple
15 seed purple lined transparent light amethyst AB

Louise Parkinson:
  - Firepolish - Capri Blue
- 4mm bicones - swarovski fuschia
- 6mm and 4mm rounds - Haematite
- 3mm rounds - turquoise size 8 seed beads
- size 11 seed beads - pearlescent lime
- size 15 seed beads - silver-lined clear


jbug636 said...

All of you are so talented! I love all the colors! Great job! I haven't received my book yet, but it is on the way, and when I gets here, I am going to join this bead along!

SourLime said...

Hi Kelly!

Amallia here from Singapore. I really love the beaded projects shown here. Been following your tutorials online. I really love them. Kudos to you for having a beading community formed over there!

peggy busch said...

hey kelly, love your blog, and love the beadalong. i did the grace bracelet hoping to expand my color choices, but didn't succeed so much, it seems i like it better with 2 contrasting colors than 3. fun to make!

this time i am returning to my somewhat copycat ways, checking out all the xoxo pictures for color inspiration, but you seem to be m.i.a. hope all is well with you and yours, and that you are on a much deserved vacation.

i don't have the equipment, nor good enough computer to send in a picture, but just know that you are appreciated and missed.

hugs of gratitude, peggy