Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beaded Fantasies Bead Along

A few weeks ago it was proposed to me that I should do a bead along and use the book Beaded Fantasies as my guide. After much thought I decided to do so.  A bead along is basically do a set pattern and you have a specific amount of time to do it. Once you have completed the project you post a picture of it for everyone to see. The great thing about the "age of internet" is that people from all over the world can connect in one place and be able to do something together. It is my hope that with this bead along people will learn new techniques and get many ideas on different color combinations they can use. I also like to do bead alongs because we can communicate and discuss things we like or don't like about a pattern or ways that we might could change it. 

For this bead along we will be using Beaded Fantasies by Sabine Lippert. It is her brand new book that just came out about 2 months ago. We will start on July 1st. Participants will have 2 weeks to complete the project.  Once finished please post a picture on our Off the Beaded Path facebook wall telling what colors you used in your piece. I also ask that you email your pictures to me along with the list of colors used and what you did or didn't like about the pattern so that I can post the pictures here on the blog. Facebook is great but if you don't check it everyday it's easy to miss important notes or pictures. Listed below are the projects to be completed and the timeline. I tried to choose 8 patterns that were easy but would teach new skills. I made sure to put the hardest last. I only picked 8 because I wanted to be done with our projects before the holidays started. 

START: July 1st                                      Pictures and comments due by:
Page 30 Grace Bracelet                             July 15th
Page 36 XXOXX Bracelet                        July 29th
Page 45 La Fleur Bracelet                        August 12th
Page 49  Queenie Bracelet                        August 26th
Page 74 Double Star Earrings                  September 9th
Page 77 Milady Pendant                          September 23rd
Page 91  Scheherezade Pendant              October 7th
Page 121 Sparkling Tops Necklace         October 21st

The great thing about doing this Bead Along is that there are no rules.  If you can't get a project done in problem. Can't do a problem. Can't afford to do a certain problem.  If you don't want to join in on the bead along you can always watch and enjoy all the great beading that will be going on.  I hope that a lot of you will be able to do this bead along and I hope we learn lots of new techniques along the way.

And I know someone is going to ask....I can't do videos on how to do these projects.  This is Sabine's book and I don't have permission to do videos.  Don't worry though....we will all get through this together.  Give the projects a try. Challenge yourself.


vayianosk said...

please tell me that you are still going to do the tuesday videos... i love them!

this sounds fun! count me in :) i have this book, so why not!

thank you for all that you do!!


babynjewelz said...

This look really exciting. I have never done a bead along.. I will order this book.. So I can follow..

CandyLovesJosh said...

I LOVE this idea, Kelly! Maybe this type of schedule is the "push" I need to get projects done! Will go check out possibly purchasing the book now. Thanks!

Barbara Bryant said...

Kelly can I purchase the book from you live in small town and cant find it here i want to join in the fun

Celticrx said...

Yay! Found the perfect 'fit' to what I have been looking for..Thanks Kelly! Count me in..BTW hi to all on this beading path..Liz

Mary Kay said...

I just received this book and have been looking over it numerous times trying to figure out what to do first. Now I will go to place my order so i have my supplies ready. I cant wait I have never done this before. Good luck to all, cant wait to see all your beautiful creations.

Barbara Bryant said...

I just ordered my book getting excited.

Barbara Bryant said...

Ordered my book and can't wait to see what is inside for the bead along. Kelly you are fabulous I cant stop watching your video's learning has become fun again. Thank you so much