Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did a little planning yesterday

So yesterday while I was trying to relax and be quite I wrote down all the videos that I could remember people asking for. I then went ahead and wrote down dates for each thing so that way I could just go to the note card and see what is on the agenda for videos each week.  So far this is what I've got....

2/28 Peyote Stitch Tube Beaded Bracelet
3/6 Montee Pearl Earrings
3/13 Right Angle Weave Bangle with fire polish base
3/20 3D Right Angle Weave Cross
3/27 Easter Egg Brick Stitch Earrings
4/3 Tubluar Right Angle Weave Earrings
4/10 Tubular Right Angle Weave Bangle
4/17 Triangle Weave Bracelet
4/24 Flowers Using Dagger Beads
5/1 Flower Earrings on Shower Components
5/8 Peyote Stitch with Tila and Twin Beads
5/15 Rectangle Bangle
5/22 Tubular Herringbone Stitch
5/29 Peyote Stitch Shapes - Triangle
6/5 Peyote Stitch Shapes - Diamond
6/12 Peyote Stitch Shapes - Circle
6/19 Peyote Stitch Shapes - Square
6/26 3D Peyote Stitch Open Pointed Oval
7/3 3D Peyote Open Tear drop
7/10 Brick Stitch Earrings on hoops

I know that the plans will probably change and there will be no way to stick to this exactly but at least you and I both know what to be planning on for the videos. 


middy255 said...

Hi Kelly,

Can you teach us how to make the hoop earrings w/montees that you started and posted a pic of in your blog earlier? Thanks!

BeadAddictSLuna said...

Dear Kelly, I do really love that daisy necklace (or they are margaritas?), would you show or give some instructions about them? I do have a problem with closing those Russian leaves. Also, the petals, are they peyote or brick stitched? Love, love, love those happy flowers.
Million of thanks and hugs.

angiehouston said...

Hi Kelly

Triangle Weave Bracelet, YEAH! Can't wait. Love it, love it, love it!!


Anonymous said...

I would love more items using twin beads or tila beads. Also a pattern for a child's necklace and bracelet. I am going to use your butterfly charm to make a necklace, but I want to make something special for two little girls for a wedding in November.
Thanks Kathy