Friday, February 17, 2012

This Weeks Video

This has been a crazy week! My schedule has been all messed up because I had to work on Monday and normally that's my day off. I normally take my Mondays and get things caught up at home for the shop and get ready for the following week. I also do my videos for the website on Monday. This week my Mother in Law, who normally works on Monday, was on Vacation. My husband volunteered to work and he ended up having to have a tooth pulled Monday morning so he too was out of commission. I have been ahead a day all week and to say that I don't do well with change is an understatement! I took off this morning so that I could stay at home and work on this weeks video.  Sammy has been busy trying to get it ready this afternoon. Here's a sneak peek at the video. I teach this week how to do a double St. Petersburg Stitch bracelet. It mainly a technique video but it's still a fun piece to make.

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