Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Peyote Tube Earring Design

I have been working for a few weeks trying to design a peyote stitch tube bead that would have an awareness ribbon in it. I needed something that wouldn't be too big but you would still be able to see the ribbon and understand what it is. I finally came up with a design today that I was happy with. I did them in pink because Breast Cancer seems to be one that gets lots of attention. The great thing about the pattern is that you can do whatever color you want. A quick google search will tell you what color is associated with each cancer or disease. I plan on doing a quick tutorial in the next few weeks on our youtube channel on how to read a peyote stitch pattern and I plan on teaching how to make these tubes. I am going to go ahead and post the pattern for you guys. All I ask is that if you make the earrings please don't sell them for profit. If you don't give them away then any money you sell them for please donate it to a charity. I made this pattern for awareness and hopefully it will lift someone's day.


celiem said...

I don't know how to do this stitch, but, I need to do one with a black ribbon for my niece's melanoma charity.

earrings design said...

These earrings are very beautifully designed in the shape of spring with small chain hanging inside it which gives very rich look and attracts the attention of viewer.

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