Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Earring In the Making

There are two things that I really love....Hoop Earrings and Montees! I loved the earring challenge so much that I guess I decided to keep on with it. I started stitching a right angle weave pair of hoop earrings this afternoon. When I got them finished I still wasn't happy with them. Well what's the first thing that comes to my mind....montees! I ran to the rack and grabbed a couple of packs and history was made. I'm pretty sure that once I finish this pair I am going to make a larger pair. They are cute but they are not big enough for me. I wanted to go ahead and show you my work in progress. Hopefully I can show you the finished pair tomorrow.


Gemma said...

Oooh! Beautiful and very sparkly

Marla said...

Those are stunning! And you are right the montees made all the difference! Thanks for sharing! By the way I linked to one of your video tutorials on my blog to show where I learned how to make the lovely Pom Pom Crystal Rings. Take care!