Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Step by Step Beads

Wanna know what magazine I really miss...Step by Step Beads. That was the best magazine and they had some of the neatest projects. To my suprise I got a magazine shipment in this week and when I opened the box it was Volume 2 of Step by Step Beads. Let me tell does not disappoint. I love Step by Step Beads because it has some pretty quick stitching projects and it is easy for beginner beaders to understand. If you get a chance be sure and pick up a copy of this issue because it is fantastic! I made the pictured earrings in no time.


Anonymous said...

I agree! As a fairly new beader I love Step by Step beads...wish they would bring it back as an e-mag.

Susie said...

Kelly, thanks for the heads-up on this magazine. I, like you, LOVED Step By Step Beads and was delighted to get the first of the "best of" publications. I'll be going by the bookstore tomorrow, on your suggestion. Thanks.