Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fun and Easy Holiday Jewelry

Every year around this time I am busy preparing for our Annual Christmas Open House and Sale. Our sale is always the first Saturday in December so that we can help customers save some money on supplies for making gifts. Along with the sale I always try to have lots of fun samples in the store of jewelry that can be made for the holidays or adapted for year round wear. These are some pieces that I made yesterday to put on display.

This first pair of earrings are made using a very simple cross weave technique. It is very similar to the base on the Pearl Montee Bracelet that we have on our youtube channel. I used 11/0 Galvanized Gold Seed Beads as well as 4 & 6mm Metallic Red and Green Beads.

This pair is made just like the first pair but I used Galvanized Silver Seed Beads and changed up where the colors were at.

This third pair is a sample that I found on and I worked my magic and made them the way I liked them. These are made using lots of tiny chain, 3mm red and green glass rounds, and silver plated basket bead caps.

This pair was a sample that I found on I thought that they were so cute. I used 24ga wire and added 4mm round beads. Then used 4mm Siam Swarovski's to dangle in the center.

These are my version of Christmas Bulb Earrings.....which I love because they sparkle and dangle so pretty!

This necklace is a version of a necklace that is in the current issue of Stringing Magazine.

I started making these bracelets last year and they flew off the shelves! This is a snowman bracelet. Each snowman is seperated by one 4mm Bicone. This bracelet is great because it can be worn all of december and January.

And finally this bracelet is made using some new Acrylic Beads we got in last week. I put one 6mm round on a head pin and made a loop. I made enough of these that 6 would go inbetween each bead. I liked how it turned out and I loved the red color.

I hope this gives you some ideas of fun jewelry that you can wear this holiday season!

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Susie said...

Kelly, thanks for the neat suggestions. I especially love the first two pairs of earrings in the post, with the cross-weave technique. The Christmas light earrings are really cute too!