Thursday, November 10, 2011

Episode 2 of Project Accessory

Ok so I finally got to watch Episode 2 of Project Accessory and I am just facinated with that show. To say that I love watching it is an understatement. This week contestants got to go to the Swarovski Store in NYC and pick out a piece of jewelry that inspired them. How hard would it be to pick only 1 piece?
The contestants were sorting through bins of Swarovski and it was just the greatest thing to watch. Once they left the Swarovski store they then had to go back to the work room and create a shoe and another accessory to go with the jewelry piece they picked out. This was my favorite piece for the show:
This Swarovski Cuff was amazing! I can't say that I would wear one that big but boy does it sparkle! As they's not the's the sparkle. I wonder what this weeks episode will hold tonight?

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