Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love this website!

Hello fellow Bead Geeks:

My mom and I went to the Southern Christmas Show this past friday and there was one vendor that I was absolutely smitten with. It was a company called Sweet Tees. ( You have to check out their website! They use the Hot Fix Crystal Flat Backs and they design T-shirts, hats, aprons, etc. with these crystals. They have some really cute stuff! I instantly came home and started looking for the tool to add the crystals with. Come to find out my main distributor had them all the time I just never paid attention to them. I have some Hot Fix Crystals and Tools coming next week and I plan on doing a try-it-tuesday demo on them next month. This could take some of you to the next level on your beading! My husband said that once I get my hands on it nothing will be safe. I offered to do his Next Level Gamez logo in crystals but for some reason he wasn't too keen on the idea. Oh well, my first project is going to be a T-Shirt for me with the store's name on it. I'll let you know how I like it as soon as they come in~!

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Lois said...

Can't wait to see this new ideal...we always like a new way to show off our bling!!! Kelly, just wanted to say a Big THANK YOU for having a wonderful bead shop and place for all us beaders to find just what we are looking for...and if you don't have, you always find a way to get it and satisfied our bead fix....LOL...See you soon at "OFF THE BEADED PATH BEAD STORE"...Lois