Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I was searching the internet this week and I found a great article on bead trends for fall and winter. Here is what it says:

Bead trends: Colors for fall and winterExpect to see lots of black beads and crystals showing up on necklaces, earrings, and even attached to clothing. Black is always a strong color going into the winter months and it appears to be even stronger this season. Another bead color to watch are fiery carnelian beads and stones which will make a dramatic statement around the holiday season. Expect red to have a strong presence this fall and winter both in fashion and in the world of jewelry. With the emphasis on purple in the world of fashion, amethyst will make a strong showing along with labradorite, a multicolored stone with purple and blue undertones. Blue is also an emerging color trend which will bring lapis into the forefront along with sodalite. You'll see these colors emphasized not only in semiprecious beads and stones but in glass and crystal beads as well.

Bead trends: The return of gold Although silver beads and pendants are still strong, gold and gold toned beads and jewelry is making a strong comeback overseas. Gold provides a beautiful contrast to the fiery carnelian and red shades that will be so popular this fall and winter. You'll also see a renewed interest in copper beads and pendants in keeping with the focus on red tones. Silver beads will continue to be important as they bring out the beauty of purple and blue stones and provide a contrasting background for black. Choose the metal that flatters your hair and face and you can't go wrong.

Beads trends: Long or layered beaded necklaces

Hope this helps you a litte bit when you are working on your jewelry in the upcoming weeks!

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