Sunday, November 23, 2008

Swap Bot Earrings

I love to get things in the mail and that is why I love Swap-Bot. I joined an Earring Swap a few weeks ago and these 2 pairs have come in for me. I love to see what all people create. The small telephone earrngs are handmade of polymer clay. The orange one's are vintage earrings. They are both cute but the orange one's might be a bit too big for me. I know...Can't believe I said that can you?
Who knows though, they might go great with something that I own.
I am also in a Christmas card swap and the cards I have gotten have been really interesting. I got one from Portugal the other day and it was really interesting. I love to see how other people from other countries celebrate Christmas.
Be sure to check back one day this week because I am in a swap where I take pictures for one day of the world from my perspective. (What I see everyday.) I am really looking foward to that one! Also, I am going to try to post a new jewerly project this week!