Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Watch Tutorial!

Next week I will be doing a Watch Band Tutorial on our youtube page that is stitched. I wanted to do another tutorial that is simple to do. We sell a lot of these watch bands at the shop. They are stretchy and can be changed easily.

Materials List:
9 inches of 1mm Stretch Magic
Assorted Beads
2 Small Lobster Claws
2 - 2.5mm Crimp Tubes
2 - 4mm Crimp Covers
Crimp Pliers
Watch Face

On one end of your stretch magic thread on a crimp tube and one small lobster claw. Stretch the cord tight and go back through the crimp tube. Crimp the crimp tube but be easy not to press too tightly as you will cut the thread.

 Put a crimp cover over the crimp.

Thread on your desired amount of beads for the length.

Finish off the other end with a crimp, lobster claw, and crimp cover.

Attach lobster claws to each loop on the end of your watch face.


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