Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Progress in Beaded Fantasies Book

Kim dropped by today and showed me the pieces she had finished so far in the Beaded Fantasies Book.  Here's what she's done so far....
Here is the Double Star Earrings from page 74 

This is her finished La Fleur Bracelet on page 45

Granada Brooch from page 115

And finally earrings to match her La Fleur Bracelet.
I worked and got the Double Star Earrings made.  July 4th is coming up soon so I made mine with Sapphire and Light Siam.  These will be great for Independence day.  I have all my components from the La Fleur Bracelet finished and I just need to put the clasp on.  Up next for me.. the Granada Brooch.


Anonymous said...

These are all beautiful. You and your friend are very good inspirations for me. Thank you both.


Corinne said...

Can we purish this book.