Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little Lantern Earrings and Granada Brooch

Kim and I have been busy working on new goodies from Sabines book.  The first few pictures are of the Granada Brooch which is on page 115. I was absolutely amazed at how this piece came together.  It was so fun to make. I haven't completely finished it off yet because I'm trying to decide if I want it as a brooch or a pendant.

Kim worked on the Little Lantern Earrings from page 24.  She made her first pair for our friend Darlene's birthday.  She loved them!  Kim said that they were quick and easy to make and look very elegant finished.

As we speak she's working on a second pair.  She was finished with one component so I went ahead and took a picture.

We got in a shipment of chatons at the end of last week so Kim used the Rose Water Opal and made another La Fleur bracelet.  She sold it right away!


Donna said...

All of these projects are just beautiful! I have my book, but haven't started working from it yet. You have inspired me to get started!
Donna G

Anonymous said...

what size are those chatons? just wondering? and i LOVE the choice of color. So pretty!

Kari Ledbetter said...

How would you finish and make a bail on the Granada Brooch to turn it into a pendant? I love the colors you used...just made a couple of them but I want pendants out of them instead of the brooch.