Sunday, March 14, 2010

UV Resin Bracelets

So this is what I have been working on this week.  We got in a great new UV resin a couple of weeks ago but I haven't had a chance to really do anything with it thus it hasn't really sold well.  So, I sat down this week and decided to make a few samples.  I made the first sample using copper Tierra Cast frames with copper chain, aquamarine bicones, gemstones, and copper beads.  I made a really full charm bracelet and lOVE IT!  Its so much fun to wear it because you get all kinds of questions about the piece and you get a chance to explain the people in the photo.  The second piece I made was again using the Tierra Cast frames but I used pictures from the wedding of a couple who goes to our church.  I made this bracelet simple and classic because I am going to give it to the wife as a gift for her birthday. 

If you have never used UV resin before you should defently give it a try.  Basically once you put your picture in the frame, you simply squeeze out the amount of resin you need in the frame.  You then put the piece in either a UV light for approximately 10 minutes or you can sit it out in the sunlight for a couple of hours.  Either way, you will get a nice hard cover over the picture and a permanent piece of art.  These mixed media pieces are so fun to make because they are one of a kind.  You can make memorial pieces to immortalize your loved one's who have passed on, you can remember important events from you life such as a wedding, graduation, shower and so forth, or you can put random pictures in the frames to create something that you will cherish.  These frames also make great gifts.  The person receiving these frames will think you paid a fortune to have these pieces made and they will be shocked to find out that you made then in 10 short minutes. 

I'm hoping that the weather will stay pretty today long enough for me to go and take a few pictures throughout town.  I would like to make a souviner bracelet or necklace with the frames of images from our town.  And you know that when Owls baseball starts I will have me a 2010 Owls bracelet. I think I may have just gone UV crazy! 

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