Monday, March 15, 2010


So Sammy and I have tried to make a pact where we are going to try and eat at one locally owned restaurant a week instead of a chain restaurant.  Today for lunch we at Lunch at Barleys in Spindale.  They had some wonderful lunch specials for $6.00.  Above you will see my lunch special. You could get 2 slices of pizza and a drink for $6.00.  I, thinking the slices were going to be small, ordered the slices.  Well as you can see they were far from small. These things were massive!  I couldn't believe how huge they were.  I couldn't even eat once slice.  I had a whole piece left over so I took it to my mom for lunch.  You could basically feed two or three people with this meal.  They also had some other great specials.  Sammy got a sub special and he said that it was great.  If you get a chance I defently recommend Barleys.  I am not a drinking girl but if I was this was the place to be.  There bar looked amazing and I honestly think they had any beer you could possibly think of.  They also had a list of entertainment and it looked like they have a lot of nice bands coming in the next few weeks.  If you go on Wednesday you can get Green Beer!

After we left Barleys we went right next door to check out the new gift shop at Spindale Drug.  It is super cute!  I found a new pair of flip flops for the summer where they have extra embellishments you can buy to change the looks of your shows.  I also found a really cute headband with shiny's glued to it. You know I couldn't leave it there espically with my hair getting to the length where I can actually wear a headband.  I will post pics of my new shoes later on in the week. First I must get a pedicure done because I don't think my shoes will look good with my big toe still being a nice shade of black and purple from the log falling on it.  Until next time..bling me up!

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Paula said...

Nice to see you trying out the local restaurants! You know there is a great place to eat out on the island in Lake Lure. They have a wonderful host his name is Henry and he will make sure to escort you in where Sadie and Homer will be so please to see you. Next time your in the area stop by. :-)