Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Today Emotionally Sucked!

So today emotionally sucked!  I have been working out for the last month.  Every Tuesday and Thursday I have showed up to work out with my trainer.  Every other day my body has hurt terribly!  Today we got on the scale and I have gained 3 pounds.  How could I have possibly gained 3 pounds? How is that possible?  And to top it all off, I only lost 1 inch on my body!  WTF!!!!!!  I cried all the way home then I cried a little more.  I finally got over it, put on my big girl panites, and got on with my day.  At this point I had these terrible black circles under my eyes.  They looked so bad that concealer wouldn't even cover them up.  I then went to Belks and talked to the girl at the Clinique counter who informed me that I was at the age that I needed to start taking care of my skin if I didn't want to have bad wrinkles when I get older.  I know that the girl meant nothing by it and that I was totally over reacting but at that point I bought the under eye cream and got on with my day.

The rest of the day all I could think about was how bad I wanted to go and get the biggest piece of cake I could find to eat because the last month of my life has been a waste of time! 

I came home in the sleet and rain and worked on my Bead Dreams Project and I am proud to report that I only have 2 more componants left to finish and then I will have the base of my necklace finished and I will be ready to add the dangles.  I can't wait!  This piece rocks!

I then cleaned my face and put my under eye cream on.

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