Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holy Swarovski Batman, its finally partly finished!

After 23 componants and 10 hours later the base for my Bead Dreams project is complete.  Now all I have to do is add all of my sassy Swarovski embellishments.  It is going to be AWESOME!  I couldn't help but try it on to see how it layed.  It layed perfect on my neck and it didn't irritate me like I thought it would with all the bicones. I ran out of seed beads though so at the moment I am at a stand still.  I called Saturday and found another bead store at the beach that carries this same color and they have shipped me some more so hopefully they will be here soon so that I can continue with my piece.
This project originally came about by a ring that I designed. I submitted the ring to bead and button last week so I will keep my fingers crossed as to if it gets accepted into the magazine.  I'm can't say I won't be disappointed if I don't get into the magazine but at the same time I understand how hard it is to get in there.  If I don't get into B&B there are always other bead magazines.

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