Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moms Night Out

Moms Night Out. Have you seen it yet? If not you are missing out on one funny movie! I was out shopping yesterday and I stumbled upon the movie as I was browsing the isles. I remembered it coming out in theaters and that I had wanted to see it so I took the chance and purchased the DVD. 

Sammy and I sat down to watch the movie last night after Grayson had went to bed. I had to stifle my laughs a lot of times as to not wake Grayson. I really figured that Sammy wouldn't like it but after it was over he actually said that it was one of the best movies that he had seen in a long time.

 As a new mom I look around sometimes and feel just like the main character Allyson. She is a mom to 3 young children, wants a spotless house, and is a germ-a-fobe. As moms sometimes we feel like we have to do it all and if we don't we're a failure. I'm finding more and more that this notion is furthest from the truth and that's what I loved about this movie. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. 


Charley said...

We live in a neighborhood where everyone but us has small children. They also loved this movie. My husband and I (we're the official grandparents for the entire neighborhood, but we have no small children of our own) didn't see the humor! I thought, if the actress would only use some medication, everyone would benefit.

MetalFimo2 said...

ciao bella famiglia.

TJ Harshbarger said...

Kelly I just love your videos. I really started out doing wire wrapping and I love it but I started watching your bead videos your stuff is so beautiful I had to try it. You are so good with details sometimes I have to watch them a couple of times but I'm having a ball with the beads now too. I love the new ones on Mondays!! Thanks so much GreatJob!! Keep Beading