Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hello from the a Dale Family

Hello from the land of the Dale Family. The past 11 months have been a learning experience for our family. Sammy and I waited almost 11 years to have a baby so to say that having a baby has thrown our world into chaos is an understatement. We love Grayson more than words can ever explain and it is so much fun watching him grow but it has been a big adjustment for Sammy and I. I guess for me the hardest part for me has been having to figure out how to juggle being a mom, president of our local merchants association, and being a full time store owner. I used to work all day and then come home and work all hours of the night. I was pushing patterns and projects out the door left and right. Since Grayson has come along it's been a lot harder trying to figure out how to get it all done. Thankfully though, I finally feel like I'm starting to get my groove back. I'm not able to get as much done as I used to but I'm getting some done and thats more than nothing. 

Grayson is almost 11 months old, is trying to walk, and finally is starting to have 2 teeth pushing through. He's a happy baby as long as you keep his diaper clean and his belly full. He is in a pointing stage. He points at everything and he is babbling all the time. He can say cat, mama, dada, nana, papa, and is trying to say yaya but hasn't quite got that one figured out. He has our parents wrapped around his little fingers and loves Yo Gabba Gabba. For those of you who have never experienced Yo Gabba Gabba count yourself blessed lol. 


Rhonda Edwards said...

Your upbeat personality is as infectious on your blog as it is in your videos! Such a beautiful family you have!

wwilloww said...

That is a beautiful family photo!!! I can't believe how big and handsome Grayson is... would love to see photos of his first birthday.

janet butler said...

You have a beautiful family!!

Michelle Gray said...

Adorable photo of your young family.