Friday, August 2, 2013

Next Bead Along Book choice!

Ok everyone...  I need your help.....

I am working on getting the next Bead Along set up for October and November.  I have three books that I have chosen:

(1) Great Designs for Shaped Beads by Anna Draeger

(2) A Beaded Romance by Kelly Wiese

(3) Mastering Peyote Stitch by Melinda Barta

Please leave a comment below letting me know which one you guys would like to do.


robinpete said...

Hi Kelly,
I voted for #1 on FB. I was wondering if you do pick #3 could you give a video on how to read patterns? Odd and Even. I am trying to make an Escher pattern and the pattern is not the greatest to try and has no "drop down" beads on the 1st and last row, and also has a half cut off bead every other row going up the I count those in as well? These are the types of questions us newbs have for this type of stitch.

Penny I said...

I like number 2 myself

wwilloww said...

I'm so thrilled to be able to join in no matter which book gets picked but I am totally in love with #2 "A Beaded Romance."

Louise P said...

I think all three look lovely but I'd pick 1 as my favourite - I've often thought about using shaped beads but haven't a scooby where to start!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly. My choice is book numbered 2. I like shaped beads as well but what can I say ... Romance comes first!

Blessings to u and urs.


Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

All the books look great, A Beaded Romance is my favorite. And it has the added benefit of being available as a Kindle book and an iBook. This saves a little money, and makes it so convenient. No trying to keep the book open and you can enlarge diagrams as needed!
Thanks for all you share with us, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, I'm voting for #2. Love those projects!!! Leslie Hoff

Mandy said...

I voted on FB, but can't find the post now, not sure what I have managed to do! Just to make sure, #2 please

Mandy Jeffrey

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, thank you for the post. I am leaning more towards the eBooks my self, as they are readily available, you can read them on portable devices and are less expensive to purchase. You can also store them on CDs and have them for ever. So, as Sharon commented they all look great, but the eBooks are a better choice for me.

collins monica said...

Hi kelly,
First of all I would like to say that I love your videos. The are to the point with a,b,c steps thank you.

If had a choice I would like to see something from Kelly Wiese book. I just love her designs there so classic and but still with a touch of modern.