Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Bead Along Books and FAQ

What is a bead along?     A Bead Along is simply a group of beaders from all over the world working on a designated project all at one time. Everyone works on a project on their own time, with their own color choices for a 2 week period of time.

How does a bead along work?  First of all, buy the chosen book   At the beginning of the Bead Along you will be given a list of projects to complete and the dates that each is to be completed. Once you have the first project done you email me a picture of the finished product along with a list of colors that you used. As pictures arrive I will post them here on the blog for all to see.

Why participate in the Bead Along?  The whole reason for doing a bead along is to learn new techniques. Beading isn't any fun if you never learn anything new! Doing a bead along pushes you to try new techniques or projects that you may, at any other time, might not choose to do.

What if I don't finish a project before a due date or life gets in the way?  No worries. There is no cost to do the bead along and no penalty if you don't get a project finished on time. If you don't get one finished or you finish late just email me pictures when your done.

Important Notes from Kelly:
1. All pictures are to be emailed to me at off_the_beaded_path@yahoo.com. You can email them to me at any time.

2. I CAN ONLY POST WHAT YOU SEND ME! If you don't send me your name or your color info I can't post it. I had someone get mad at me last time and tell me that I was prejudice because I didn't list her colors used. I had never met the person or even seen the person before. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE understand that if you don't send it to me I can't put the info on the blog.

3. This is supposed to be a fun bead along so don't stress and just have fun learning. I will not be doing video tutorials on the projects because of the design infringement but I tried to pick projects that looked fun and easy but at the same time challenging for some.

Bead Along #1: Great Designs for Shaped Bead Work by Anna Elizabeth Draeger
I tried to pick out projects from this book that the materials wouldn't be hard to find. Some of the materials used in some of the projects were harder to find so that'l why I chose what I did.

Page 13-15  Marvelous Mosaics Earrings    Due Oct. 1st
Page 16-18  St Pete Meets Tila                     Due Oct. 15th
Page 48-50  Ring-a-ling                                Due Oct. 29th
Page 80-83  Dainty Daisies   (You can do either the necklace or bracelet)  Due Nov 12th

Bead Along #2:  A Beaded Romance by Kelly Wiese

Page 24-31  Victorian Circles (Necklace or Bracelet)   Due: January 8th 2014
Page 53-61  Fringed Bracelet                                      Due: January 22nd 2014
Page 97-106  Beadazzled (Necklace or Bracelet)          Due: February 4th 2014
Page 33-38  Picot Petals Ring                                      Due: February 18th 2014


Caron Bailey said...

Awesome...I have both of these books so more money to spend on beads...LOL Looking forward to it!

Emma V. said...

I also have both and I'll try some project of the ones you already chose. Thanks!

Carol Crottie said...

I may have to buy each book, looks like so much fun! I love to know that lots of us are doing projects together!

Mandy Jeffrey said...

Great! I have ordered both and look forward to my first bead along!

robinpete said...

I am so excited!!! I have ordered the 1st book...will wait a bit for the 2nd...

Penny I said...

I just got the kindle version of the 2nd book and what was the book that you used the last time you had a bead a long.

robinpete said...

The last bead a long book was

Metallic Seed Bead Splendor by Nancy Zellers.

Jan Crosthwaite said...

I really enjoyed the last beadalong, so can't wait to get started on this one! Thanks for putting this together for us Kelly x

Jan, Wallasey U.K.

Laura0623 said...

I'm in! Sounds like fun!

lindamckee said...

Getting books ASAP. Sounds like a lot of fun.